Fantastic, Gabriel Paez Capable Change Unit 8 iPhone So 'Camera Panorama'

Fantastic, Gabriel Paez Capable Change Unit 8 iPhone So 'Camera Panorama'
Gabriel Paez, was a videographer panorama and iPhone hacker. He designed a special rig to put as many as 8 iPhone to create panoramic images, such as that quoted from PetaPixel, Wednesday (10/03/2012).

From 9 iPhone used, 8 units of which are assembled to build a camera, with each phone paired and placed in a special container to shoot in different directions.

So first iPhone in the wrist rest attached Paez. iPhone is that it functioned to control all 'camera panorama' last with the help of its own software.

As if inspired by Google Street View vehicles belonging to the 'streets' to record the object, and Paez wear vespanya journey from Seaside, Oregon to Portland, Maince. Of course with 'camera panorama' which he stretcher.

Paez action was certainly curious about some of the audience will invite the photos that she shoot with the iPhone-iPhonenya earlier. Unfortunately, on his site, Paez said he still takes time to upload the results of his aim.

Essence: iPhone panoramic images tailored specifically Gabriel Paez eorang videographer panorama and iPhone hackers, Google Street View of the 'streets' to record the object, Seaside, Oregon to Portland, Maince


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