Extraordinary Record, 7828 Honda Cars Sold in September

 Extraordinary Record, 7828 Honda Cars Sold in September.Jakarta - In September 2012, Honda recorded sales of as many as 7828 units, an increase of 55% compared to the previous month which sold 5040 units.

With such results, it means that from January to September 2012, Honda has achieved total sales of 46,372 units in Indonesia, and that number has surpassed last year's total sales for the full year is equal to 45 416 units.

Honda Brio to be the biggest contributor to Honda's sales in September 2012 which sold over 2410 units, an increase over the previous month which sold 1062 units, and the city car market share of 11%.

Besides Honda Brio, Honda's other products also contributed to the sales were pretty good for Honda.

Honda Jazz accounted for as much as 1937 units in September, up 31% compared to the previous month which sold 1479 units. Thus, until September 2012, the Honda Jazz has sold 16,743 units in Indonesia and a market share of 31% in the hatchback class in 2012.

Honda Freed contributed 1,900 units of total Honda sales in the month of September, an increase of 16% compared to the previous month which sold 1642 units. Until now, Honda Freed has sold 14,342 units and gain market share by 13% in the MPV class.

While the All New Honda CR-V which was launched on September 13 and has recorded sales of 798 units. In total, Honda CR-V has sold 7506 units during the year 2012 with a market share of 18% in the SUV class.

The premium MPV Honda All New Honda Odyssey had sold as many as 62 units in September 2012, an increase compared to the previous month which sold 7 units. Honda Odyssey has sold more than 622 units in the year 2012.

In the sedan segment, the new Honda City sold 273 units in September, up from the previous month which sold 249 units. Until now, the Honda City has sold 1631 units during the year 2012 and reach a market share of 29% in the mini-class sedan *.

While New Honda Civic sold 287 units, up to the current Honda Civic has sold more than 1352 units and gain market share by 43% in the small sedan class.

Honda Accord sold 161 units, up to now, the Honda Accord has been sold more than 704 units and reached a market share of 13% in the medium class sedan.

"Honda's sales in the year continue to show good results from month to month, including the return in September for record sales in 2012 and surpassed the total sales in 2011," said Marketing & aftersales Service Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy in his official statement.

"Honda's sales in IIMS (Indonesia International Motor Show) 2012 supported new Honda products supporting the positive results from the sale of Honda, and we are confident with Honda's sales will continue to increase until the end of the year," lugasnya.


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