Extraordinary Experiences Shared Drift Ryanair

Extraordinary Experiences Shared Drift Ryanair. The inaugural flight by the Irish airline is indeed remarkable. Why not. We had booked tickets Bremen - Kaunas pp for the holidays fall this year. But either go or go home, none of us get to the goal as stated on our ticket.

The first flight, the route Bremen - Kaunas (Lithuania), ended in Riga (Latvia). The weather was very foggy and cloudy Kaunas very low. Runway completely invisible from an airplane.
Extraordinary Experiences Shared Drift Ryanair.

Fly with Ryanair plane itself is not a problem in our opinion. Our plane flew right time from Bremen. The fuselage looks unkempt from the outside. The interior is similar to the aircraft belonging to other flights. Although the outside of the place where the goods are full of ads. And we get to choose their own seats. Like riding a bus without a seat reservation. So if you want to sit close together, well lined up early to get into the plane.

Come home, we should fly from Kaunas back to Bremen. Early in the morning when going to the airport, a storm with high winds with sleet. Was worried, we still hope, there is a transport plane on our return to the destination.

Hope lived hope. Until the arrival schedule takeoff, the aircraft are anticipated never arrived. The storm hit the earth still Kaunas. Our proven and anxiety. The case is similar to when we first set going again. The plane will not land we were riding in Kaunas, but transferred to Riga.

Other passengers getting impatient. Most of the officers went straight. The two look very emotional, yet restrained. We surrender. Initially there will be no news of our transport bus from Kaunas to Riga. Later, rectified. We must take back the arrival of luggage on the floor. Then went to the fate of information to gain clarity of each.

There are two options for us at that time (Wednesday afternoon). Waiting for the plane to Bremen on Saturday. Or the next plane to Frankfurt (Hahn) ten o'clock that night.

We choose the latter. Much consideration. First, tourist attractions after Kaunas Wherever we explore. If you want to prolong the holiday, there will be delicious in the middle of the cold weather and almost always rain like this. Meanwhile, Father also must return to work. Indeed, there is a chance it can be extended sabbatical, but it would be better if Mr return to work as scheduled. Although tired of having to wait until almost the middle of the night at a small airport chilly Kaunas, we decided to return to Germany as soon as possible. Fortunately, since we have a baby, we are preferred than other passengers. So that our replacement tickets immediately OK.

Parties Ryanair also distributed leaflets containing EU rules on the rights of airline passengers. We can claim in writing to the Ryanair.

Thankfully flights to Franfurt (Hahn) on time. Had been a little turbulence in the air. But all goes according to expectations. before long, no bus passengers to Cologne, and joined the fire toward Duren buggy.

Maybe if you think about it, really an annoying experience. However, we also understand if the reason is safety. Is not that more important for anyone? Claims on Ryanair, of course, we will still do.


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