Extraordinary, Bosch Develops Electric Scooters

 Extraordinary, Bosch Develops Electric Scooters

Hangzhou - The development of electric vehicles in China apparently sparked the company Robert Bosch GmbH to make electric vehicles in the Bamboo Curtain country. The plan would create a scooter compact Bosch to Chinese society.

To carry out his intention, the German company will hold Ningbo Polaris Technology company based in Cixi, Hangzhou. Collaboration between the two companies is considered effective to produce an environmentally friendly electric vehicles.


For Bosch this is not that difficult. Because the company is already accustomed to playing in the automotive industry. Bosch is well known as a supplier of components German cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and even large truckloads.


Meanwhile, Ningbo is a China-based company that managed to make an electric scooter with Poltm name. Ningbo company launched the official website on Saturday (08/25/2012) they have agreed and signed the partnership on August 13 2012 ago.


Bosch interest for producing electric scooters in China due to the absorption of electric vehicles in China in particular electric motors is very high. One example in 2011 ago. Approximately 27 million electric scooters sold worldwide, 98 percent of them made ​​in China.


Unfortunately the two companies is still reluctant to divulge the specifications of electric motors that future. However, Bosch memastikkan if the company would be one of the major players in the automotive industry of electric motors in China.


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