Experience Visiting Canary Islands - Spain

by Feronica Luttmer
In the Canary Islands, Spain, there are 7 islands. Tenerifa (the largest), Fuerteventura, Grand Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro (smallest).
Experience Visiting Canary Islands - Spain. Canary taken its name from the island. Canary reason comes from here.

We holiday in La Gomera. The island has an airport, but smaller. Therefore, achievable with fast ships from Tenerifa. This first Gomera Island from the island where the last stops before Columbus Columbus discover America.

We flew from Germany to Tenerifa, then climb aboard the fast sea to La Gomera. We can not fly directly since the island only has a small airport. Can not didarati large aircraft.

Normally we buy a vacation package (flight, hotel and breakfast and dinner). But this time no. Due to package holiday to the island is quite expensive and quite do not set timetables with quick ship. If I get sick stress on the way. He ... he ...I was scared of the sea aboard quickly, if high littered vomiting can, therefore, aku siapin seasick medicine -))

We both do not want to be too stressful to travel from Germany - Tenerifa - Gomera in one day, because we fear that if the fleet late flight or ship quickly further delay can not terkejar. Therefore, we stay one day in Tenerifa. A day to go and one day before returning to Germany.

We ordered Tenerifa hotel and apartments in Gomera through a travel agent in Gomera. Hotels in Tenerifa is not far from the port. Ports can be achieved by foot.

Appartemen in Gomera € 25, - / night, this Appartement cheap because appartement Our first message was not too clean. We told the agent his journey, until they replace it with another appartemen discoun price. Cheaper than the first time we ordered. Perhaps to keep their good name. Size was larger than the first.

We flew from Germany to Tenerifa day. Engrossed also not too early. Today the wind was quite strong because of this airplane first stop in Faro (Portugal) to fill then extend aviation kerosene. The aircraft could not fill the full karosin first time since the airport Bremen, Germany is not too large.

We arrived in the late Tenerifa about 1 hour. Ships quickly that we would not take the saya. Luckily we stayed one night in Tenerifa. Actually there are three kinds of ships quickly from Tenerifa to Gomera. Two quick ship (Fred Olsen - Norway belonged, good price and Armas expensive tuh). This just arrived at the port of San Sebastian and to reach a place we need to prolong my stay with the bus. A fast ship (Garajonay) stops at third port of San Sebastian, Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey.
We stay in Valle Gran Rey. Therefore, we ride fast ships that stop in Valle Gran Grey.

From the airport to the hotel near the port Tenerifa that can be achieved by bus from Airport.Busnya yach okay but if she were in the Spanish busnya their arbitrary whim. Meaning that they were actually there bus departure schedule but sometimes late short or long telatnya. Fortunately this time telatnya soon. Price ticket € 1.70 / person from the bus stop to the hotel is not much we can walk.

Fast ship leaves at 8:00. The journey takes less than 2 hours. Profit dech weather today okay. Littered not high, so I do not need to take their medication seasick he ... he ...

Fast ship ticket price € 22.33 / person. I think there is a discount for students appears only students reach the age of 26 years only.

The apartment we lived handsomely, no place thoroughly. We can cook. Small supermarket not far away. His travel agent any closer spot.In Spain usually every house has a name. As our apartment apartment name Cabello.We both renting a car one week to around. We rented a car over the internet from www.discountcars.com. Another chance they have cheap price, € 149 for 7 days.

As usual when the streets, we bring a guidebook on the city we visit. Because we want to go on foot as well so we did bring a book on a walk around on foot.

From where we stay, we can to some areas and beaches. Playa de Arena. Playa means beach. La Puntilla, La Playa,

In Playa de Ingles, a great many people who sunbathe and swim without clothes naked bo alias. Another funny thing was on the beach there are people who sell beverages such as coffee and cake in Bali. German husband and wife who traveled in Gomera selling drinks and kuenya, menjajakannya in a suspended neck foil so. The beach is not only black but sand and littered berbatuan high.

Playa de Argaga, this beach there is one place to stay and meditation, yoga and orchards can dikunjugi with a guide. This place manage by husband and wife German followers unorthodoxy gitu (Bhawan or Osho Junger). We could also see the first people on the patio naked yoga. This beach berbatuan and no sand.

From here also we can round up, because berbatuan quite steep, I'm afraid also rise to the top because of its effect as climbing walls.

Playa de Arena is the beach next to Playa de Argaga. The beach is sandy. It's just to reach the beach from Playa Rrgaga berbatuan must we go through it and when the seawater receded. In this beach there goanya which, it turns out there are left. The Germans a lot to live there. They want to live far from the city.

If I'm not mistaken see probably about 8 people who live there. The story tells that once about 30 people and there is a small child as well. They really live without a stove and a bed.

Our time there, would like to see clearly but unfortunately more pairs so the water could only watch from the recourse and no closer. Here too we managed to achieve this difficult. Berbatuan path and not easy. I would like to pass the time down ok back up excessively difficult, fortunately Walter rose precedent help pull me up.

La Calera, his home district is located on the hill so. Most of the tourist love once lived here. The view from here okay to head to the beach and the mountain so. Therefore stay here quite expensive.


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