Experience: Trivial Items Interlocking That Missed While Traveling

Experience: Trivial Items Interlocking That Missed While Traveling. There are certain items that seem trivial but it is needed when we are traveling. Flip-flops and plugs for example. Flip-flops are often forgotten when we are traveling. After reaching the inn, rooms baffled if you're going out to eat or go to the bathroom outside the room if it really is habitual. cook wants to eat breakfast first place must wear shoes.

Another one is the plugs. Often it did not occur to him. However, when encountering the fact that the plugs in the country is different to that, a new panic. Especially when mobile phone batteries, camera and video have to be recharged.
Experience: Trivial Items Interlocking That Missed While Traveling.

So far, in fact we never feel it. Because there is usually at a standard plug for European countries. We recall, some Eastern European countries have different types of plugs. When going to Malta, we also had to buy a universal plug that can be used in any country in the world. While in Malta unused, because at our inn also has no plugs two feet like in Germany and Indonesia. Our friends from the UK experience this first visit to Germany. As a result he can not use mobile phones and cameras over here.


If you forget anything, plugs of this type usually we can get at the airport shops. Of course, the price is more expensive than the price of output. Frankfurt international airport, do not buy at an electronics store. Buying in small kiosks cost more oblique 2 to 3 euros. There is a universal plugs. Or plugs for specific countries. Is usually printed on the packaging.


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