Experience Traveled And Adventure To The Alps

Experience traveled As he Adventure to the Alps,Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Oberammergau, Linderhof. This story streets time immemorial. It happened in the summer of 2004. When Dad working holiday in Nuernberg, and we both bought tickets summer vacation for students and students that apply in the state of Bavaria during the summer holidays. This ticket is valid on all trains at Bayern economy. We use it every weekend, when Mr. off work.

On Saturday, we went without a definite plan. Anyway, we go way deh. After staring at the train station Nuernberg, finally we spontaneously decided to Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany's highest city on the slopes of the Alps, the southern end of Bayern.
traveled As he Adventure to the Alps,Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Oberammergau, Linderhof, Wow super amazing Experienc.

We had to switch trains once in Munich or better known as Munich. The train to Garmisch recently arrived about an hour later. When we used to wait for a little walk downtown. For some reason we were not too keen on the streets here. So we just sat around and took pictures for a while in front of the magnificent city hall Munich.

In the train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, we met a friend named Mr. Yose. He aims to cooperate with us. In her hand was a sleeping bag. Just in case, who knows to stay, he said.

Today the sky is cloudy rather thick. Drizzle had soaked our train ride. Remains gray day in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We had languished for some time at the train station waiting for the rain to subside. The rain made the air temperature in the city is lower only.

Garmisch and surrounding area as a tourist spot famous for winter sports. In the distance was the white peaks of the Alps. Not far from here, there is the highest place in Germany called Zugspitze. Unfortunately the cost of special vehicles up there unattainable by us. Finally we just walks in the area near the station.

As we walk, Yose could get information on some of the attractions around Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Because no specific destination, we finally drove him to join the bus to Oberammergau.

The bus drove through the highlands. Passing through pine forests, rural areas on the slopes of the mountains, old churches, and a very large monastery in a village called Ettal.

Showers were blocking our way in Oberammergau. Wow, this tiny village. Sepi. Not far keliahatan hills partially covered with fog or even snow. Rarely seen people or vehicles passing by. We hustle to the area by road directions.

Small rest houses lined the street. Seeing the situation, the area is perfect for a sanitarium. Cool, quiet, not a lot of motor vehicle pollution. And in season from December to March the object of interest to lovers of winter sports.

At the center of the crowd Oberammergau, more life circumstances. Quite a lot of people milling seen walking, shopping, or just warm up in a cafe. Many souvenir shops offering a cute little wooden toys. His mother bought a large wooden color pencil about 2 inches in diameter for Embak. Most of the outer wall of the store or Oberammergau houses decorated with paintings. It seems like the theme of his paintings based on the Gospel. According Yose, the village is quite famous for the mural.

Soon we explore Oberammergau. Because not many are towing our attention there. From the bus stop before, we went to another part of Ettal, into a tiny palace resort owned by the late King of Bavaria, Ludwig, named Linderhof. The bus ride was only taking less than half an hour. Forests contamination is quite tight, agriculture and rural areas back into our beautiful scenery during the ride. Many houses are made of wood. Some people seemed to be cut and stacked the wood fireplace in front of their house.

Linderhof castle complex located hidden amongst lush pine forest. Really inland. Mother forget how to form the bus stop there. Remember there is a beautiful wooden house as a background photo with Embak. The building also serves as an inn and a shop selling souvenirs. We bought some beautiful postcards. Fortunately, when it rains had subsided.

Walking is still necessary before actually up in castle Linderhof, one of several beautiful castle built as Ludwig von Bayern reigns. At the outer castle complex we found a small mosque. Yose said, the mosque was built for a Muslim friend of Ludwig. Friend's father turned out to be very well-informed.

We continued walking down the street a special stone for pedestrians. Among the meadows, gardens, and pine trees. The road uphill. Sometimes we had to climb a few steps. Although located in the interior, it's pretty much a tourist attraction visited by tourists. Once again, I see a lot of Japanese tourists milling about in the complex Linderhof.

We were very disappointed upon arriving at the castle exactly. Linderhof is being renovated. What we encountered was a piece of wide fabric illustrated Linderhof. Sob, travel far this time somewhat deviated from expectations.

Linderhof castle itself is much smaller in size than our original shadow. The extent of perhaps only one-fifth of Neuschwanstein. What a pity. Actually, though small, beautiful Linderhof plasticity. Park in front of it, is quite remarkable. From the front of the castle at the bottom of the garden, seemed to form a cascade. From below, visible steps leading to the very top of the park.

The first steps to bring us into a rectangular pool with a half circle on the end. Around the pool is a small evergreen trees. Right in the middle of the pond, the water gushing pond adds to the spectacular atmosphere.

Up to one level above the park, you might find a small garden the other. Plants here are trimmed in such a way. Some shaped like mounds with red and white flowers in between.

At the very top of the park there is a statue of a woman. From the top level, it appears almost all parts of the park and castle. This park, it still continued with another park at the rear of the castle Linderhof.

Park in the back of the palace also formed sebuh cascade, but not as high as the front. The bottom of the garden there is a colorful flower garden unique shape. We're not sure what, it looks like a flower shape as well. Built nearby Neptune fountain and pavilion sebuh music at the very top. It's beautiful. Ludwig must have had a great architect of his era, the designer of this beautiful park.


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