Experience Travel to the German-Austria ", Salzburg

Border City Experience Tour to Germany-Austria, Salzburg. The small town near the border with Germany-Austria was the first city outside of Germany who visited the family travelers. Opening the hub of this family history sheet. At that time, mid-2002, our family still living in Nuernberg, in the state of Bavaria Bayern alias.

Family travelers, still with the power of three persons, Father, Mother, and Embak want to get out of the country. But with minimal cost. Since the capital to travel is minimal. Seebelumnya, some friends had recommended the city as a small but beautiful town. And again, a distance of four hours-an economic fire buggy, then Salzburg became an ideal holiday destination for family travelers.
Experience Travel to the German-Austria ", Salzburg.

Buying Wochenendeticket (weekend ticket) we had to go there early in the morning. They cost less than 30 euros a time. Weekend tickets are cheap tickets, valid on trains throughout the German economy for the Saturday or Sunday. Valid for a maximum of five adults. We use four of them, plus a student's family, relatives, Mr.

Embak was a baby at the time. Between four to five month's old. We took him to the stroller and sling. Quiet and no fuss.

Landscape Nuernberg - München, spliced ​​München - Salzburg really beautiful. Sunny weather to support our trip. Rice fields, hills, lakes, villages desadengan cattle and plantations. His mother noticed, a lot of young kids accompanied us in the style of punk train. Most of the clothes and dress up all in black. Four hours passed unnoticed.

We got confused to Salzburg station. Confused are in a new place. Fortunately, there is still the same language population. So the strangeness soon faded. Dad then queue up at the tourist information center at the station, bought a map of the city. The four of us decided to buy a daily ticket in town. The city center turned out to be a bit far from the station.

Sazburg city buses use electric power. Similar tram, but the shape of the old bus high. Soon we were aboard. Traffic jam because the punk demos underway. We go on trips, on foot. Salzburg Center, located across the river Salzach. Old buildings look pretty opposite. Baroque style, he said. In the distance, a castle stands on the slope of a hill.
Although small, Salburg is a famous tourist city. Tourists rarely crowded berseliweran.Tak we saw Asian faces in this town.

Weather grew hot. We studied the map, decided mengenelilingi old city. Passing through the ancient buildings, flea markets, artisan vegetables, watch the street artist in action. Most impressive, perhaps the two men live music with a glass of water media. Every glass of water filled to different volumes, so when it hit the hand produce different tones. Not only we admire their little show.

We passed the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a composer of classical music of its day. From there, we just know that Mozart was born in this city. Take a walk, sit on city bench, looking seliweran tourists and townspeople. Through the middle of the day, we decided to see the castle on the hill close.

Climb the hill while encouraging stroller it takes a great struggle. Alternately His mother, father, and relatives pushed up at the gates of the castle. Unfortunately, all visitors must pay if you want to get into the courtyard and enjoy the beauty of the castle. With limited money left in your pocket, of course we do not want to use it to get into the castle. We only take pictures at the height of the hill, the city of Salzburg in the background beneath a shock disappointment.

First trip outside Germany, is spontaneity. Without a mature plan. And so, we were just visiting the city center and the hills alone. In fact, then we know that at the Salzburg still has many beautiful places to visit.


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