Experience a tour of the State of Niedersachsen

Experience a tour of the State of Niedersachsen. State of Lower Saxony, capital of Hannover, located in a charming area between the River Ems and Elba in the west and the east, the north coast in the north, and the Harz Mountains in the south. Eight Ostfriesland island on the north coast like pearls adorning, where each island is a tourist destination and a popular health resort in Germany for air cleanliness. State in northwestern Germany covers a variety of landscapes and habitats: beaches, islands, mountains and meadows.

North Beach is an ideal area for a vacation while relaxing on the beach or mini islands there. This stunning landscape almost entirely in the area of ​​nature conservation.

Luneburger Heide, one of the meadows and forest area of ​​230 square kilometers is the largest desert in Western Europe. The area is protected, rich in scenery and vegetation. The area is ideal for menganl and enjoy nature. Many people are on vacation and is running in protected areas. Famous playground, LunePark terleatk in the region.

If you want to travel to nature, Emsland may also be the right place, with the natural landscape, towns and beautiful countryside, as well as ancient relics are more than a thousand years. The best way to explore the region is by bike. Emsland is also a major destination for nature lovers and bird.

Want to enjoy the view of romance? Come to Weserbergland banks of the River Weser region with many cities between Hannober medieval old Minden to Hameln. Weser edge is one of my favorite routes cycling. If you like Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Hameln is the setting of the story of the Pied Piper piper.

Cities and rural Niedersachsen also diverse. There is such a romantic fishing village Greetsiel, old student town Göttingen, Hannover international trade city, and Wolfsburg, VW branded automobile industry center.

Hannover as the capital as well as the largest city in the state is of course interesting to visit. There Herrenhauser Park, the old universities, and shopping in the city center. As well as a green city, Hannover is one of the major exhibitions in Germany.

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountains skiing or sightseeing, Harz Mountains was the right place. Although not as famous as the Alps, the place is pretty crowded in the winter.


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