Experience Drop to Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque, Mannheim

Experience Drop to Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque, Mannheim. Shortly Heidelberg, Mannheim we rode the tram headed to visit the largest mosque in Germany. Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque name.

The mosque was built between 1993 and 1995 in an area called Jungbusch in the city of Mannheim. Named by Sultan Selim I, nicknamed Yavuz known circuitry. It means star. Architect worship is Hubert Geissler and Mehmet Bedri Sevincsoy, had a large dome and towers as high as 36 meters.

At first, our reluctance there. The day was very hot, the temperature about 30 ° C. We began to limp after climbing to the hill where the palace stood Heidelberg. As well as along the Hauptstrasse Heidelberg in a crowd of people and a lot of heat. Moreover, the day was nearing dusk. At half past four to be exact. If an hour later to aim, praying for a while there, we expect to get home before midnight.

However, the tram to already be in Mannheim, intention visiting our mosques continue as well. Approximately three-quarters of an hour long trip. Until some of us fell asleep in it. We fell in Bildungsakademie. Continuing with the tram number three in the direction of the mosque. Only two stops away. Exit the underground tram stop, it turns out we were right in front of the mosque.

This mosque does not have a page. Right opposite stands a church, Liebfrauenkirche. On the front of the two entrances men and women pilgrims there is one stall and one barber. They are owned by the Turks.

We split up into different entrance. You took sister. While Embak enter through a special door on the left Muslim. But then we get lost, turn to the right, to the place of ablution fathers that looks very luxurious. A circular marble with faucets around, and places to sit low, also of white marble. A child shows where the location of the place of ablution women. A room like a regular toilet. However, there is a low sink for washing feet.

Out of place of ablution, we've had to take off shoes. But still required to wear socks. Because we've entered the thick carpet them. The carpet has been stretched from the ground floor to two floors above it. Even the stairs were carpeted thick. Perhaps because luasanya area rugs so the mosque is expected to accommodate 2500 worshipers. The largest in Germany, so until now the largest mosques in the country.

A woman shows a woman's prayer on the second floor. The floor of the main prayer hall is a congregation of men. No one prayer time. The ground floor consists of many pillars of white and brown. While empuknya dominated red carpets. Hanging crystal chandeliers adorn the roof and dome of the mosque. According to Mother, the interior is much simpler than other mosques in Germany, Merkez Moschee Duisburg.


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