Exclaim Vacation Trips to Hamburg and Copenhagen

Exclaim Vacation Trips to Hamburg and Copenhagen. The streets in the spring of 2007, family travelers do abuzz with four other friends. Farid, Mas JJ, Sese, and Wilda. Starting from cheap flights Hamburg - Copenhagen from Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company. Forty-five euros per person, back and forth. We bought a month before departure. Plus rent lodging for the night 28 euros less per person. The cheapest we found.
Our little group moved to the north, the morning of March 30. On Friday. Wilda apparently thought we were back on Sunday. He was ready with his lunch in a picnic basket. Sushi, agar-agar, two large bottles of mineral water, a snack, he called the contents of the basket.
We exchanged money at Reisebank Hamburg, Copenhagen worried difficult to find the right exchange. Things we slightly regret, because in Copenhagen the exchange rate is better.
Just before nine-thirty in the morning, the trains belonging DSB (Perumka Denmark) entered the track. Only three cars. Gray and clean. The muzzle is different German railways. Pesek, Wilda said. We got confused looking for a seat for some time.
The contents of the train was a surprise. Cleaner, more spacious than the ICE. Two benches facing each other with a table in the middle. Each of the two benches available plugs. Can be used to charge the battery switch on your laptop or mobile phone. Much better than our expectation.
Shortly after the train is running, some of us have started to take pictures splashy fun. Photos, eat lunch, more photos. To the extent that I heard some teenagers not far from our seats hardening-violence.
Also interesting sights during the trip to be enjoyed. Agricultural areas and livestock dominate the route Hamburg - Luebeck. Of Luebeck towards Puttgarden, our lot through swampy areas and the coast. Railroads had also been right on the shoreline. Fantastik.
Railway crossing to Denmark via Puttgarden harbor, east coast of Germany, to Roedbyhavn in Denmark. Previously, each time looking at a map, I always thought, that the only rail route there is Hamburg - Kiel - Flensburg, and crossed from Kolding.
The next surprise for my friends is the fact that the train ride we were going to be transported by a ferry. Previously I've got the info from Imazahra. So it was not too surprised. Could not help I was amazed too when the ship moves to the bottom deck of the ferry.
We stopped between the trucks transporting goods. Officers on the train told me that crossing lasts approximately 45 minutes. Passengers are free. Want to see the atmosphere of the ferry or stay on the train.
Much different atmosphere on deck ferry moved at once I was riding in the country. As I recall, in the ferry parking lot was always the smell of smoke and fuel. Vehicle's engine is left alive. Blue floor deck here, very clean. Even looks shiny. We photographed on the deck of the base, in front of the train station parking lot, on the stairs to the upper deck, and in every place that we think is unique. Then go up to the top of the other passengers kill time at sea.
Two deck on the upper deck is a car park basis. In the upper deck passengers. Contents, waow, not like a ferry. A passenger looks crowded café as soon as I opened the door. Beside it was a counter selling newspapers and currency exchange. Parallel to the entrance is a shop selling duty free goods. Cigarettes, snacks, alcoholic beverages seem sold there. At his side is a great perfume shop, opposite the shop selling glasses and accessories. Everything sold without taxes. Farid upset, because yesterday he bought perfume worth 10 euros cheaper here.
We soon split up. There were rushed to the upper deck enjoying the ocean view. Sese and Farid would rather go out into the stores do a price comparison goods. Our whole family up and down kept around to see the entire contents of the passenger deck. Some young friends of our trip seen carrying two cartons of beer. One other person bought one cigarette slope.
In total there are three cafes and a restaurant in the M / F Prins Richard, the name of this ferry. In one cafe, we found children's playground plus TV. The other part is a place of rest and play special driver ding dong.
Some passengers chose to sit on the padded bench in the upper deck passenger deck. That day, the wind blowing hard, so not many passengers were in the open at the top of the ferry. Too cold. New on the way home we had their pictures taken in the open on the ferry. When the sun shines bright and warm.
Route Roedbyhavn - Copenhagen is not boring. Denmark entered the area, we are treated to views of the vast agricultural land in the form of marriage is rare. Major cities rather difficult to find. The houses were small. Several times we passed the train ride rails on a bridge over the sea. One of the quite long. About 1-2 kilometers. Unfortunately this difficult moment immortalized drive, said Mr.


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