Excitement Travel Photos Copenhagen, Denmark

Excitement Travel Photos, Copenhagen, Denmark
Thus if the streets abuzz. There is always a reason to take pictures. In every place, every time. Almost no corner of the train or ferry boat was used to take pictures or photographed. Its just a hobby of photographing. Other hobbies photographed. Since the set up again. It was picture-stop we were more than the number of places we visit. Fatiguing and unpleasant.

Arriving at the station Kobenhavns Hovedbanegård aka Copenhagen central station, two in five minutes. Got off the train, we instantly pictured below inscribed board Kobenhavns H. Wards the central station has a roof timber framed red semicircle. According to the information of a friend, the average wood framed stations in Scandinavia. To be warmer. Especially in the winter.

In every corner of the crowded station crammed with passengers who want to travel or just get off the train. In the center stood Saal shops or cafes not too big. There is a flower shop, souvenirs, money changers, and train information. In many places standing ticket vending machines and public telephones. Some parts are being renovated. According to Mother, this station was bleak. Just a bit of light coming through the glass roof and the windows there.

His mother and Farid examines city map from the information center and found his way to our lodgings. It was not far from the back of the station. Just three minutes walk. Saga Hotel, in streets named Colbjornsensgade. Brick red, the building looks like a regular six-storey apartment building.
We went in, sign up to the receptionist. A friendly woman mid thirty years gave two room keys. When my husband and resolve payment issues, other friends picked up a brochure and map of Denmark and Copenhagen on the shelf behind the door. Wilda and Sese bought maps. All for souvenirs, Wilda said. Nearby there info-card-sized tourist destination. Well it could be bookmarks, dong, I said while taking twenties card.

We had split up. Family travelers plus Mas JJ and Wilda popped into the nearest town in Sweden, Malmo.
Tonight, before nine home from Malmo, we all went back to join. Photo-night session begins. Two tripod, two digital SLR cameras, digital compact cameras and one and seven people are very fond of being photographed. Mas JJ bit annoyed forgot to bring gloves in the cold night.

Our first destination, Tivoli gateway. The lights brighten the night atmosphere in front of the gate. New Tivoli reopened to the public on 13 April after Easter. Honey. But there are advantages too, we do not need to reduce our limited time in Copenhagen.
A pool of water gushing in the middle nonaqueous Axeltorv. A bunch of young people into the pool and take pictures with cute style. Some sitting, some lying in the pond.

We tried a variety of styles in the first session with this picture. Natural style, style hips, pushing force. There were pictures of their own with style up.
Tall buildings around the field lively by colorful lights. Ads wide range of products add a festive atmosphere ablaze. Someone pointed to the Stroget. There are many cafes and shopping are cool, he said. The temperature was 2 ° C, according to the digital information on the wall of a tall building. No wonder we all feel so cold in the warm spring. Once again, we posed a variety of styles in the city hall grounds. From the style of the hands V a la Korean, kedingingan style, style facing side, tilted to the style. Embak equally splashy style in front of the camera.

The breakfast room which also serves as resatauran is a space large enough. There are about 12 square table. At the top of each table are setermos hot coffee. Each has four dining chairs. The food may take on their own. A Filipina working mom greeted us.
Breakfast menu at a typical European. At a table in the front there are two kinds of cereal, orange juice, milk and two kinds of fruit-flavored yogurt nectar and wine. At a large table in a separate room from the dining room, available various broetchen (small German bread), sweet bread round, and then I knew his name as wiener brod, two kinds of cheese, butter, various fruit jams, tea bags, dry bread and two big three kinds of bread that must cut himself. All tableware is also available in this space.

My take on dry bread, two wiener brod, two loaves of bread and two slices of cheese to be eaten together. Even a glass of orange juice as a supplement. The others did not waste the opportunity to fill up the stomach full. Most of us eat lunch out. Wiener brod its delicious, Sese said. Also tea flavor mango. An hour we spent in the dining room.
Today, more photo session done. Either individually or in a complete formation of 7 people. Every time there is interesting background, almost all directly take a position for a photograph.
The background is cool first Danish National Gallery Statens Museum for Kunst alias in Hans Andersens Boulevard. Feature is that the combined collections of art and 700 years of history of western civilization. Is home to works of sculpture and painting Denmark and internationally. According to the official website of museums, their collections include masterpieces of renaissance painter Titian and Mantegna, 17th century masterpiece by Rubens and Rembrandt, as well as Danish Golden Age paintings in the 19th century by Eckersberg and Købke. There was no plan of the museum, we were satisfied photographed opposite the magnificent building.

Christiansborg, a magnificent palace in the center of Copenhagen is under renovation when we were there. Few people visit this place. With us, it appears the two men happy photographing Asia. Field in the complex looks barren. Without the grass. Only the soil looks dry and barren. This place was used as a horse clinic. We, who had thought of this palace is one of the residence of the royal family thought the horse owned by Prince Frederick Alexander, Crown Prince of Denmark. Apparently Christiansborg is home to the country's top three powers: the executive, legislative and judicial. Here, we take a picture together while posing sitting on big iron chain.
A walk in Copenhagen, we begin to imitate local habits. This means that sometimes wandering began when crossed, as long as there is no vehicle. Not a good example for children. :)
What's next photo session not far from Admiralgade, the Kongens Nytorv, the New King Field. This is the largest field and terelegan throughout Copenhagen. The link between the old town and new town. The middle of the park is fenced. Equestrian statue of the late King Christian V and four sculptures complement the atmosphere of the park guards. Park benches lined around it. Outdoor fun break after shopping in the surrounding area. Here also stands an Indonesian cuisine restaurant named Bali.

Here is also a photo together with many strange style immortalized. There is a curved style cameras to examine the style map together.
Our short break at Nyhavn, a canal that is now a tourist attraction. Some of us need to go to the toilet. Others sit on the edge of the canal. Like many other people. Some of the crowd sat drinking a beer or smoking. Fishing boats anchored in the verges. The left side of the canal is deratan cafes and restaurants. Full of visitors. Especially on Saturday, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature warms up.

This foot has begun to fatigue. While our time there more limited. Live about four hours away. While the sights you want to see still lined up. We scattered. Some want to get to Amalienborg, the next object, while others still want to enjoy the atmosphere.

Palads Amalienborg, the royal family's residence in the winter does not look too crowded that day. Much is being renovated. The main attractions here are the guards outside the palace red uniforms and black top hat. As in Danisa biscuit container. We were all scrambling to take pictures near them. We want to be photographed, the guards gave the code that we must go forward, and do not pose parallel with it.

We had followed the procession right guard change at 12 noon. Out of nowhere, the visitors came like a flood. Suddenly so many people gathered to follow the procession. The old guards lined up and replaced by the new guard coming from the direction of Amaliensgade. The process is long and tedious. Emudian to fifteen minutes, we had lost the passion to follow through to the end. Better picture together in front of the palace before it went on to meet Den Lille Havrue, the princess mermaid.

Women most often photographed in Denmark, the Little Mermaid statue sized like a human being. Much smaller than my original shadow of it. Even simple objects, see the statue sits on a rock princess is almost a must for every tourist in Copenhagen. The bronze statue is based on a story by HC By sculptor Edvard Eriksen Andersens. Unlike the original Cerit where life was happy, the princess looked lonely, sitting, looking in the distance.
Here, Mother began to lose the desire to take pictures with. Tiredness and hunger began to whack. His mother just photographed and photographed while sitting in the distance. Moreover, to get near the statue, needed a bit of a struggle. Through the slippery rocks there. His mother noticed a lot of group of tourists scrambling to pose as close to the princess.

Passing Strøget, Copenhagen's largest shopping area in the afternoon seemed to pass through the crowded night markets. It seems like all the citizens of Copenhagen tumplek blek there. Hard to find a place vacant when walking. Moreover, we bring Embak Shifa was asleep in a stroller. Everywhere there are people. On the street, in shops, in cafes, in the parking lot.

On the way, we parted. Our whole family went on to the station. While others wanted to stop by to buy more mementos. We continue to enjoy Stroget with all the hustle bustle. Record everything before returning to Germany. Some ignorant people sitting in a field. Street artists display a variety of attractions. There are drummers dressed a la Middle East, the carrier jazz singers or saxophone player, along with attractions like a circus, with the ball, rope, etc..

Unable to bear hungry, we both decided to buy vegetarian fried noodles at a Chinese fast-food shop. Two small plastic container with the price of each about 3 euro. Noticeably costly for us. We ate quickly in front of city hall bench. Not at all filling.

Only one souvenir and fried noodles that we bought over in Copenhagen. Everything feels expensive if these rates to the euro. Kebab which can usually be obtained at a price of 2-3 euros here for 5-7 euros. More than doubled. But all does not diminish our excitement for the trip.


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