Excitement surrounds Canary Islands in Spain

by Feronica LuttmerExcitement surrounds Canary Islands in Spain
Take a walk around:

1. Barranco de Arure (valley), to reach this valley can say it's easy to bother. We also managed to find the way bingungan. I just managed to slip and stumble thigh miles (profit only blue thighs and somewhat tattered pants he ... he ...) because I could see no one chick feet blister-blister. As the saying goes many roads to Rome. Our time there we walk by the way, we run into a few other people from our street. There we can see the waterfall. Unfortunately the water was not much alias rather dry. Funny too. In that place, we could see there is also one cat. The cat knows that a lot of people there certainly break and bring food. Hence, the cat does not run dry.
We went by car directly before the car park. We must read the manual around the streets on foot, and nothing that we can stray. He ... he ....
Around the streets on foot. We surround these forests less than 2 hours.

2. Las HAYAS - Jardin de las Creces - Las HAYAS.Las HAYAS, this forest full of trees a bay leaf. We then pass through the Jardin de Las Creces, places to picnic. Here there is a special place for grilling as well as benches and tables. We could also see one cat before continue the journey. I could call kucingitu. Uh, the cat really ikutin we got far too. Walter said, is not in a call-call will pity him out of the jungle cat Tuch Trus tabrak later to another car. When we skip some one home with family and small children Trus cat stopped ikutin us. Finally we arrive at the car park.
Then we go by car to San Sebastian. The path is winding and narrow. I fear jalananseperti vomiting with it. We just can wheel car with two or three teeth. Can not make it tight-tight.
In this city there's a port and in the city there are buildings such as the citadel. Previously, this fortress was used to ward off the attack of the enemy. Torre de Conde and the church (Iglesia de la Asuncion).
Mirador Cesar Manrique
From this point view (panorama) and restauran. From here it okay to take a few photos to Valle Grand Rey district and also can see the winding streets.
Our group was able to turn up the streets around on foot. They have drivers.
Driver story about Cesar Manrique. Cesar Manrique is a spanish artist who was born in Lanzarote (one of the islands in the Canary Islands). These artists who have ideas to build a panoramic one. This artist also had an idea to build a panorama of the other islands in the Canary islands,. Artist strives to maintain its natural keasrian and berusah prevent some changes from the mass tourist island. It's just that some of the dealers who want to have a business do not like this artist. Therefore, this artist should be removed. These artists eventually die from a car accident, when he was on the island of La Palma to build a panoramic view of the island. Brake the car in the broken. Panoramic place in La Gomera is pending. Therefore resolved by his sister. Not all the islands in the Archipelago other Kanari not all have panoramic place in waking him.

Fortaleza, the mountain is referred to also mount the table because it is not sharpened but shaped like a table. For there must be no way to cloudy cloudy because if wet and slippery. We must be good condition and free from vertiginous attacks. From the car park up to Chipude right here need approximately over 2.5 hours. 1200 m high mountain roads are also not too easy that way. We do not go there.

3. Chipude (1080 m) - Igualero (1330 m) - Garajonay (1487 m) - Los Manantiales - Chipude
The streets around takes about 5 hours.
Garajonay is the highest mountain on the island of Gomera. Achieving this is not as difficult mountain to Fortaleza. Funny thing is the air suddenly turned cold and rather cloudy. Whereas previously under this scorching sun.

4. Imada - Guarimiar - Targa - Alajero - Imada - 5 hours around
Our roads today's meet one couple. They run very fast. Imada is way down, and we must rise again through Guarimiar. If we basket back we can not see the way. Because filled with cactus. Berbatuan path, quite steep too. We like can be brought bread and water. This route also takes around 5 hours. We surround the mountain and should really read the manual if you do not want to stray. Jugaharus read the signs on the rocks.
5. Pajarito - Las Mimbreras - Ermita Loudres (Kapele) - Pajarito (5 hours to surround it)
We surround the forest. The forest is full of bay leaf beech forest. This forest is one of the oldest tropical jungles in the world protected by Unesco.

6. Agulo (200 m) - La Palmita (700m) - Juego de Bolas (750m) - Carreta del Norte (290m) - Agulo (200) - 4.5 hour round
We must go beyond the rocks. I guess it's easy. It appears difficult. We passed groves of banana, avocado, mango, papaya, orange. Then we went through the red soil roads and tarnish. I could also kepeleset but did not fall. Finally we arrived at the Juego de Bolas.
In this national park we can see how the first museums of people on this island life. And kolumbus with some ships to America and the flora and fauna. We pass through the district in which here are soil erosion. Ground red here and a few holes. Back to the way it turns out is not easy.

7. Ermita Nieves (1130m) - Degollada de Peraza (951m) - La Laja (570m) - Degollada del Tanque (853m) - Ermita Nieves (1130m) - 4.5 hours around
We begin the road from Ermita Nieves (the church). In this church there is a place sekelilinginya recreation. Tables, benches, wash basins, toilets are clean and place the grill and oven. But this place can say no alias somewhere in the city. Nice scenery behind the forest.
La Laja, the village located in the valley gitu and not great.We are from the top down in the valley must continue to be up again, do not lose the way around because the scenery splendid. Och yach usually we're going around gitu rarely meet someone, but this time turn up a lot of good people.

8. Vallehermoso - El tion - Roque Blanco - el Roque Cano - Vallehermoso - 3.5 hours aroundWe start from the playhouse. In the park there are figures from rock (3 people sitting around the table).
Vallehermoso - The village is the largest village in Gomera. In this area a lot of water storage. Here we can see a multi-storey terrace with tree crops such as bananas, tomatoes, corn, mango, avocado, potatoes, pickles and more.
Roque chess means fortress. This rock shaped like a castle.
We finally must return home to Germany.
Previously, we have to get to Tenerifa again. We stayed one night there. We set off up fast ship 11.00. Profit ship passes in sleep so I do not know today littered lucrative turns high. If you do not sleep definitely vomiting.
We arrived at Tenerifa still daylight. So they can walk around again. We used to see the hotel such as the shape and the color pink wedding cake bo gitu. Some are blue and some in Greek sculpture.


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