Excellent Service and Prima Qatar Airways

Excellent service and Prima Qatar Airways. Return home in the hunt for this year's summer has been going on since early 2009. Yes, a vacation in the middle of the year is usually already hunted people since the previous year. In my experience, a bit risky if looking for a ticket when the time is too short a time to the date of departure.

In February, we finally find the cheapest when it was tickets from Qatar Airways. Our direct booking first. To be safe. Although a bit sorry for Emirates apparently offer little cheaper a month later, we are comforted to know that Qatar in the top five airlines in the world.
Excellent service and Prima Qatar Airways.

Thank God for our journey with the airline in July, everything works as expected. Aircraft takeoff and landing always on time, both in Doha, Qatar, to Cengkareng, Jakarta. Their service on the plane? Wow, very nice. No less with Malaysia Airlines. Unlike airline service from Kuwait. Which appears to distinguish between the passengers from the homeland, mostly female workers with foreigners or citizens of Arab passengers. The stewardess looks Qatar seeks to provide the same service. Although the flight we went back home a lot of the female workforce is also a passenger. It makes us very salute.

Menu food according to our taste. Except for the first flight route Frankfurt - Doha. Probably because most of the passengers of the Germans, then the taste of food was adjusted with their tongues. There paella and fried noodles a la west. Unfortunately we were not hooked. So ask for bread. Snacks and drinks came and went. Guaranteed not going hungry during the flight.

Doha International Airport is small. Arriving here, we do not use the trunk. Rather transported by bus. We immediately felt the heat out of the plane. When going on a plane we must also take the bus back. Again, no checking luggage here. But not too tight. Airport workers mostly foreigners. Lots of workers faced asia. For those who have a toddler, can wear a lot of baby stroller available. So no need to bother carrying children here and there.

Because little, not much can be done here. On the lower floor there is a small shop selling complex goods duty free. Sold standard airport: perfume, chocolates, toys, liquor, jewelry. The middle of the night, many of them also go shopping or just look around there. On the top floor there is a spacious cafe. The lounge is located on the ground floor and above. There is also a special place to use the internet facilities on the upper floor. Three hours transit time is not boring at all and do not feel old.


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