European Economic Train, Convenient and Fast

European Economic Train, Convenient and Fast. The train is one of the most important means of transportation in Europe. Passenger transport machine brings tens of millions of people every day. To work, school, college, or as a means to various attractions across Europe. Different kinds of trains available, can be selected according to the needs and capabilities of the bag. Train with the lowest rank is the economic train. The cheapest and most widely used by people for a distance not too far every day. For long distance fast trains available to super-fast, such as ICE, cisalpino, Thalys, TGV up, the fastest train in the world belongs to Perumka France.

One means of transport is also a fitting vehicle to enjoy the beauty of Europe. The main station is usually located in the center of town. In countries such as Germany have built networks to rural areas. Mountains, hills, old towns, vineyards, agricultural areas, farms, historical buildings are incredible scenery during the trip. Family travelers would often use the train when visiting various countries in Europe.
European Economic Train, Convenient and Fast.

Train-speed rail, as in Germany usually have a special line boring. He more often through tunnels and bridges. This is where the economic advantages of rail. He passed the slow lane in the old-town and a variety of beautiful scenery. If you have plenty of time when visiting one of the areas in Europe, there is no harm to try to drive the economic train. Besides in Germany, we have tested several domestic economy train. Such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Slovakia and Spain.

The first memorable experience was the train ride from Rome to Pisa economy. We drove through the west coast of Italy. Train line is close to the waterfront. The houses by the beach with wooden bridge-pavilion juts into the sea, the people who were bathing at the beach, fishing areas. Our long four hour drive. The interior of this train are very comfortable compared to the price of the sloping. Moreover, we bought tickets for both classes, softer stool.

The second long trip by train overseas economies is the route Athens - Thessaloniki. This time we were more through olive groves and mountains rather barren. According to Greek mythology, therein resides their gods. Conditions railway economy also arguably passable. Seat roomy enough. And run on time. Despite nearly four hours we were on the vehicle.

The route length is one more economic berkerata fire between Barcelona and Valencia. 's About four hours anyway. Just like other economic conditions in keeta fire no less by train German. In fact, here we can sit on a bench is more spacious than the business class train ride we had before. The route here is dominated by citrus groves and olive Clementine. Railways are sometimes also through towns on the shores of the Mediterranean. Some of them are tourist destinations. So many beautiful towns on the edge of the beach, complete with hotels and apartment accommodation of the tourists. The length of trip did not make us bored. Instead we especially enjoyed the view as well as a lot of people's lives directly meliaht Spain.

There is no harm in taking the economy during the train ride in Europe. In addition to low tariffs, can enjoy the beautiful scenery.


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