Euphoria and Tension Watching in Koblenz

Euphoria and tension, Watching in Koblenz. Thus if a walk while kepikiran soccer world cup. Plan to watch the match between Germany - Argentina does not go as expected. Initially we wanted to watch together in Bonn or Cologne. As a result of the storm, the train ride stuck in Remagen. Forced us back to Koblenz, fill the stomach and watched the final seconds of the semifinal match.

In the course of Remagen - Koblenz, Dad can follow the game via radio mobile phone. Made us take cheered when Thomas Mueller struck in the third minute against Argentina. A female officer also reported this tidbit through loudspeakers.
Euphoria and tension, Watching in Koblenz.

Up in Koblenz, the first round has been going on for approximately 25 minutes. We squeeze in a few minutes of watching in a cafe at the station. Then walk to the town and occasionally leaned toward tivi tivi-cafes. We feel a dilemma. Between promptly sat with other German fans in one of the cafes. Or as soon as possible to fill the stomach growling.


On arriving at Löhr Center, a large mall in Koblenz, the game go round break. We ate at the stall Turkey in the basement. Which unfortunately does not include televisions. Yes I have. We ate quickly while waiting for the cheering spectators on the ground floor. Signs German fighters enter the goal against Argentina. Twice we heard cries of joy and the sound of trumpets. We ate quickly. Want to quickly join cheered. Mr. finish first. Immediately rushed to the ground floor. When the closure of German goals came, His mother, too, ran to the ground floor. Joined briefly with the audience. Directing a view toward the big screen at the ground floor mall. With dozens of other spectators. Sad to see kekecawaan Maradona and the Argentina team. His mother wanted them to meet in the final. Satisfied, we had participated cheered watching the cars honking their march shouted vigorously.


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