Enjoy Traveling Fun Day Overnight in Roma

Enjoy Traveling Fun, Day Overnight in Rome. We decided to buy a train ticket the night so he could rest. Train sped through the night, and early in the morning we will arrive in Rome. Since the train departs from the main station Venezia, the Venezia Mestre, That's were we right away. Other reasons, because the Santa Lucia station no representative waiting room to wait for several hours.
Ticket price train travel for 15 minutes just 1 euro per person. Trains are also fairly comfortable, like a two-storey railway in Germany. More crowded Mestre station of Santa Lucia. The waiting room was pretty ok. But finally we decided to wait in a cafe, drinking tea and eating cake.
Ten o'clock at night a little more, we've been on a train. After a two-hour train ride, we had to change trains in Bologna, and had to wait some time there.
Bologna station is huge. Bologna is a transit station in Italy. From here, trains leave for other major cities in Europe, such as Munich, Monaco, Nice, Rome, etc.. Day before midnight, so all cafes closed. The waiting room was large and warm. Station waiting room was not only occupied by the passengers. His mother noticed, a lot of homeless people sleeping passengers here. They sleep while sitting in one long row of seats. For a long time I have noticed them. Some are still talking and eating with gusto, giving people food.
Night train to Rome feels comfortable. The seats can be arranged in such a way that it can be used as the base of the bed. Five-hour trip to the Italian capital to our advantage to rest. Trains arrive 15 minutes earlier than scheduled in Rome. Hurry up, we packed up the goods. The passengers relax, inhaling or smoking immediately outside the car. Ah, the fresh. The heater in the car worked very well.
Roma Tiburtina station we unwind for a while. The lounge area was also some bums. Also vagrant woman. Ah, this heart sank. Really we should be grateful to still have a place to live while still ngontrak.
Life started about half past six in Rome. The metro station is still closed. Nearly ten people including us waiting for the station opened. We intend to drive to Rome Termini station in the city center. Exactly at half six, iron door opened metro station an officer. Rome daily ticket vehicles not expensive, only 4 euro per person, valid all day.
After breakfast and a hot drink, the body feels refreshed and ready to explore the city of Rome. We studied the map and mark any kind of object that you want to visit. Because only a day in the city, the main objects are successful we recorded in the memory.
The remains of the glory of this nation in the past we can still feel. Walking down the sidewalk width, large buildings decorated with sculptures and carvings beautifully. Not only the church and the museum looks great and majestic, office buildings, banks and shops seemed well.
Towards the end of the Via Nazionale, magnificent buildings more and more popping up in front of the eye. Tourist sites of Rome's history began to be seen in the distance.
We hurried turn towards Piazza Venezia, an area where passengers crowded city buses up and down. Is also the main entrance of the Via Dei Fori Imperiali, one road to the ruins of the old city of Rome.
Right in the very front of the Via Dei Fori Imperiali is the Monumento Vittorio Emmanuele II, majestic monuments, whose front renovated so mildly disturbing sight when photographed. We had a short rest at the side of the monument. In a resting place with some benches. Since nearby is Mercati e Foro di Traiano, most of the ruins of ancient architecture, the event was interspersed with breaks photographing some of the ruins. Many parts have been reconstructed. Look back the rest of their attempt to show the glory of his past.
The journey we continue. Down the Via Dei Fori Imperiali. Prior to the end of the street, the imposing building Anfiteatro Flavio (Colosseo), we had a lot of meyaksikan most antique remains of the Roman city, the Foro Romano. Dozens of stone pillars towering high but incomplete. Background of ruins of an old stone building. At some point, there are information boards about this antique site.
After a quick stop to the holy city of the Vatican, by noon we checked in at the hotel and slept soundly until the three of us with a very dark day. Later that night, we still had time to take the metro to the Barberini, photographing Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon and the Tempio Adriano. Arriving at the hotel back, legs aching and our bodies.


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