Enjoy The Charm Traveled Maastricht

Enjoy the charm traveled Maastricht. One family friend keluargapelancong visiting Duren at year-end holidays. We want to ask diajarin streets, here, said his wife. Actually, they already have plans to Brussels, but we also take a short visit to Maastricht. Consideration, in addition to not too far from Duren, tickets to there is not too expensive. Could use euregio ticket for 15 euros applies for a family (2 adults and up to 3 children under 12 years).

Be both of our families form a powerful group of 4 adults and 5 children aged 1 to 11 years. Of course, many children like to walk with a lot of hoopla coloring. Start of preparing them in the morning, until the trip itself. Preparation in winter over much longer, because everyone should wear layered clothing.
Enjoy the charm traveled Maastricht.

A website weather forecast said it would be sunny today. His mother did not check again, using thick clothes do not usually. Apparently, the human prediction can not be 100 percent in trust. New to Aachen clouds thickened, the air temperature cools.

Hour trip over Aachen - Maastricht by bus colored rain. What a pity. Though hilly scenery along this route is very fun to be enjoyed. What power bus so opaque glass, although many inside our lap by hand. Children get bored and mostly asleep. It does not matter even if the bus was crowded with passengers.

In Maastricht noon, the situation improved slightly. Although it remains cold, the rain began to subside. Finished filling in the stomach while eating lunch from home, we were ready to explore the big city closest to the German and Belgian border. His mother had actually scored the major attractions of the city of Maastricht. But today it seems that nobody is too interested to visit the many attractions. But just for a moment as he walks photographed in downtown.

Has been running for a while in the heart of Maastricht and many in and out of the store to keep warm, light rain began to fall again. We secured ourselves at a diner. Shelter while filling the stomach is not a bad idea. Moreover, children have started hard to compromise.

Full stomach, body feels warmer. We are a time to take pictures in the Markt. Although it was the third time in Maastricht, His mother realized that the city has a population of about 120 thousand inhabitants is pleasing to the eye. He had a unique tourist objects. We also wanted to enter the museum berlabirin in the soil. Kasematte or underground fortress in the city of Maastricht contains a high historical value. Unfortunately winter short time has not allowed us.

Finally we choose to continue to walk through the pedestrian zone to get Vritjhof. In the open market is apparently being no winter night. Because we only menyksikan crowded from the outside only. The kids really wanted to go ice-skating. It was dark and cold increased, so that the parents can not be forced to grant their wishes.

Had to buy souvenirs, waffles and crepes, we rushed to the station. This time take the train Maastricht - Heerlen. Further Heerlen - Duren. Unfortunately the train to Duren had just left. Long we must wait at the station. Near the train to depart Duren, Hanif, youngest son of the family friend we want shitting. On the train Euregio no WC. Bingunglah us. The time is ten minutes. There was no visible sign of WC in Heerlen station. Finally he be shitting on a train others who are waiting for their turn on the track next to depart. That art traveling with children. There are always surprises await. :)


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