Enjoy The Atmosphere Traveled Cities Comic Lovers

Enjoy the atmosphere traveled Cities Comic Lovers Brussels

Comic lovers not only can enjoy it in book form. In some places in Brussels, a large painting comic characters can be enjoyed on the walls.

A friend once visited the museum of comics. At first we did not pay much attention to comics, and do not intend to visit this museum. So we're not trying to find its location. On one street just a few meters from the Grote Markt, we saw a special store for fans of Tintin. Selling comics as well as a variety of knick-knacks that have to do with this famous comic character. Embak who also love the Tintin comic, happy to have a look from the outside and photographed front of the store.


Towards the back to Germany, we still had about 2 hours before the train departed. We want to spend time to comics museum. Unfortunately we do not have an address. We find in the manual was not found. Spirou offices we found only near Brussels Midi station.


For comic fans, this is a list where you can enjoy comics painting:
- Boule et Bill of Roba at Rue du Chevreuil
- Broussaille of Frank Pe in Plattesteen
- Le Chat from Philippe Geluck on Boulevard du Midi
- Nero from marc Sleen in Place Saint-Gery
- Ric Hochet (Rick) of Tibet and Duchateau in Rue des Bons-Secours
- Suske en Wiske (Ulla and Peter) of Willy Vandersteen in Rue de Laeken
- Quick et Flupke of erge in the Rue Haute
- La Marque Jaune of Edgar P. jacobs, Rue du Petit Rempart


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