Enjoy The Atmosphere Traveled Autumn in Europe

Enjoy the atmosphere traveled Autumn in Europe/ The summer has passed. Replaced by autumn. The wind was blowing hard. Slowly but surely, the temperature began to move closer to the freezing point. Rain greeted the Earth Europe more often. Sometimes profusely. Sometimes mists. Sometimes the fog.

Living here, we always try to enjoy all the seasons of our lives. Considers this as part of the natural cycle of our daily lives.
Enjoy the atmosphere traveled Autumn in Europe, I like it.

It's not bad if temperatures were cooler. Must wear thick clothes, frequent rain, put up with the wind, and many other unpleasant things. But that does not mean autumn has no positive value or can not be enjoyed. There are also many things that can make us miss the season as he tlah passed.

A friend of ours, Ma'am Anky, says that he likes autumn because it sounded so romantic. In this season, the sky is often gray, and the night comes sooner. Seeing gray colors make people like change and quasi-romantic melancholy. ceilee. Not to mention the added natural colors in autumn leaves. Red, brown, yellow, adding to the natural beauty of this autumn.

There are some foods that can only be found in the fall and winter that makes us welcome him with joy. Most us later, is the marone alias alias esskatanien edelkastanien. Well, we love the same foods. The English call it chestnut. In the market-natal or night markets, food is sold at high prices. Two to three euros for a few seeds marone. Hueaks. In fact, if the grilling itself, the price is much cheaper.

The fruits of autumn is equally appetizing. For instance clementine orange and khaki pieces. Both can be made to forget themselves when eating. The first time we meet will usually appear clementine with a sour taste, after that there are only a very sweet taste. Sapodilla fruit flavors like khaki, but the flesh is harder, and the colors yellow and orange. Said a friend, khaki fruit is none other than the persimmon that has wiped powder. Because we have forgotten taste of persimmon homeland, we iyakan only.

In early fall, when school children off, there is such thing as Freimarkt or the Night Market for two weeks in various areas especially in the northern and southern Germany. Once when I was staying at the top of Germany's most vibrant Embak. There he was most happy riding. If we are to the night market, he was willing to not ride a toy carousel or other permitted home riding. The night market is the largest in northern Germany Ischaa Freimaak in Bremen, visited by no less than 4 million visitors annually. Unfortunately in this area (western) markets the night was passed in the fall.

One thing that we liked in the fall is the transfer of the winter or Zeitumstellung. On the last Sunday in October, when played back one hour, at three in the morning playing back to two o'clock in the day. Playback time we think is right to do, given a longer night than during the day. In winter time, Embak to wake up faster, so no need to rush when getting ready to go to school.

Hmmm, who's to say the fall was not bad and boring?


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