Ending a Long and Exciting Holidays in Europe

Ending a Long and Exciting Holidays in Europe. Compared preparation streets and traveling around Germany and Europe which takes only a few days before returning home preparation is definitely much more excited. Started by ordering tickets which could take six months to a year before departure. Normally, the longer the cheaper tickets in the can. This year the exception. The global economic crisis coupled swine flu forced many airlines to slam the price.

Unlike the holiday, homecoming events need not be followed by hotel hunting. Simply stay at home parents, in-laws and friends. The issue of food need not be considered. Want to eat something, just waiting for my brothers through the front of the house or just sliding into your favorite eating place.

Which makes is usually complicated souvenirs. Especially if you have a big family. Did not taste good to go home without bringing a souvenir for the family. Mudiknya it can not be every year. For us, a gift of chocolate normally standard. Which one is preferred by children to the elderly. In Germany even chocolate can be obtained at varying prices. The other hand is a type of fruit perfume. Although not lacking in the homeland sellers shops fragrances, but if brought from abroad, another taste. That says a lot of people, you know. His mother also likes to carry a knife made in Solingen for relatives. Such blades durable than sharpness, also strong and durable. Suitable as a gift for his mother.

After souvenirs wrong, bustle will switch to show the packing of goods and consignment. Sometimes at the last moment, one or two families to send a message, uh, please buy it, please. Although not all were able to be followed, such requests can not be ignored. Problem pack, no one likes to do it as early as possible. When approaching departure all was in order. Many of them do it at the last minute. We own some reason, despite having attempted as early as possible, up to a few days ahead of departure, has not managed to clean up. Uh, is not signed. Oh it's still forgetting. Clothes, food, diapers for sister. Books and toys for Embak should not be missed.

Return home with two small children, Mother had first consult with your pediatrician. Asking whether or not immunization. What to do when a child is sick, and so on. Family doctor said he did not need immunizations. He explained-ganggua disorders that may arise while in tropical countries. The most common are fever, nausea and diarrhea, he said. I will give you medicine to third, he went on to explain other businesses in order to end interference in addition to taking drugs.

Ah, still a few days away. We can not wait to see family and old friends. Hopefully everything runs smoothly in the country.


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