Elde Haus, A Documentation Center Nazi (Hitler) in Cologne

Elde Haus, A Documentation Center Nazi (Hitler) in Cologne. When visiting a city, we sometimes draw a time to visit the museum. Although not always. Because entered a museum in Europe is often not affordable cost by our pockets.

Kala bertandang in Koln years ago, we even went to one of the Nazi documentation center, Elde Haus in downtown Koln aka Cologne. Elde Haus is actually a residence as well as business. Have six floors including the basement. However, under Nazi rule between the years 1935 - 1945, the building was converted into a center of activity once gestapo prison. Because of its history, the building was later turned into a museum since 1988.

We know about this museum when watching the official website of the city of Cologne. On the tour there is information about the museum. Because admission is not as expensive as other museums in Cologne, as well as historical value, we decided to stop by. Unfortunately when I got there, just a little over an hour more, the museum was closed. It's up there, we still buy tickets to know the contents of the museum.

Resepsionisnza is an old man big man. He kindly explained that the ideal time for about two hours around the museum's. But yeah, just wanted to know if it does, can also be an hour, he said.

We were invited into the underground runag first. In the Nazi era serves as a temporary prisoner of the Gestapo prison. Many small room here. It seems that the atmosphere is left the same as before. Many prisoners writing on the wall. The door is made of thick wood with a large iron key. First, many people often hear their screams during torture.

Soon we climbed to higher tinggat. Materials exhibit even more diverse. Media were all sorts. Of audio, video, photographs and their captions, as well as teaching aids. There are benches of a school in the Nazi era, photographs of their activities, as well as video. We had set one video where Adolf Hitler making a speech in front of the congress. From there we could feel, his charisma. Watching the video course, we can feel his enthusiasm. We also had mendnegarkan stories about Sinti and Roma, the gypsy who many were expelled in the Nazi era, and many other stories. Not feel, when an hour passed quickly. There was a call through the speaker, that all visitors are welcome to leave the museum. What a shame ...: (


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