Einkaufszentrum (EKZ), Shopping Centre in Germany

Einkaufszentrum (EKZ), Shopping Centre in Germany. In addition to malls and shops in the city center, there is one more alternative shopping places in Germany named Einkaufszentrum. Alternative shopping can be interpreted as a shopping center. But the shape did not like malls.

Einkaufszentrum is a collection of great stores in one place. Usually outside the city or even in rural areas. Sometimes even in a quiet place away from the crowds. In the homeland, perhaps this is less common. Who wants behind Stand shopping in a quiet place with a rare public transport like this. Jsutru But this is where all kinds of goods can be obtained with many options. In one complex Einkaufszentrum (abbreviated EKZ) there is usually a large furniture store, a shopping center or supermarket staples, electronics stores, fabric stores and clothes shops vending all sorts of sporting needs, food vendors, etc.. A large store. So take the time to explore the vast complex EKZ.
Einkaufszentrum (EKZ), Shopping Centre in Germany, lets go to EKZ.

At first there were 2 EKZ Bremerhaven outside the city. One EKZ Spaden. One more Böhmsiel. Spaden much broader and more variety stores than Böhmsiel. We note, semakian time, the number of stores in both the more and more EKZ. In Bremen we only know EKZ Weserpark and Brinkum among some EKZ there. IN Brinkum there IKEA and a sports equipment factory outlet that cost quite skewed.


Recently near Aachen we visited EKZ Aachener Kreuz. It's not too far from the center of Aachen. Vehicles generally were pretty frequent. There are at least three major furniture seller, two gigantic building materials stores. The electronic center, a children's toy store Toys R U.S., and many other stores. In every major store is already available cafes. So that the visitors do not have to worry about going hungry there. Many stores also offer children's play facilities for free. Parents wash the eyes, the children play. So both our children at home were in the area.


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