Eating Delicious Caesar Salad Thessaloniki Airport

Eating delicious Caesar Salad Thessaloniki Airport. Four days in Greece, both in Thessaloniki and Athens, not even if we come to a restaurant, café or the like. They use language writing formulas that we do not understand. So that no one buy kosher food because it could not read the menu, we avoid going there. Moreover, almost every menu does not provide a translation in English. In addition we are also not the kind of those who like to try new foods. We only buy food fried bakers and supermarkets. Another reason, at our lodgings in Athens available kitchen.

But at the last moment at the airport in Thessaloniki, before returning to Germany, His mother could not resist portions besat see cesar salad. In a corner of the airport cafe. Vegetables cut into chunks and looks very fresh. His mother's favorite sliced ​​olives, plus goat's milk cheese and bread and gravy, salad looks very tempting.


Thus, the price of prayer is quite expensive (almost 7 euros a serving) not undermine the spirit of Mother to taste. Due to short notice, the new Mother ate on the plane. Uhmmm, the results are disappointing. Most bitter vegetable. Olive was sepat. Salatnya sauce did not help to improve the taste. His mother is hard to swallow. Eventually he was forced to spend Father. Well, this time ending culinary experiments no such hope.


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