Easy Care of Visa to Indonesia, ASIA

Easy care of visa to Indonesia, ASIA. Last month both families asked for help by a father for visa visit to our homeland. He came from Tanjung Pinang and already has a German passport since last ten years.

Long before the planned visit to Indonesia, he was confused, why should a visa. Indonesia's my man, he said. He forgot even the native citizens of Indonesia, but Indonesia passport not a passport, yes still have to use a visit visa. Except from certain countries are visa-free visits.

At first he wanted to make a Visa on Arrival (VoA) only. But he fell in Singapore, go by ferry to Tanjung Pinang. And do not know if I can make VoA if entered Indonesia through sea ports. Besides his visit also lasted nearly two months. Meaning if applicable mamakai VoA month, he should come out first to neighboring countries before going back to Indonesia. Complicated. So ultimately concerned decides to apply for a visa to the Indonesian consul in Hamburg.

Confused by all sorts of affairs. He asked for our help. We are also looking for information on the Internet, print out the visa application form from the embassy, ​​to help fill the filling. When the filling was confused, because there are columns sponsor of Indonesia. We ask them to a friend who has experienced. He said, if the visit was made no more than two months, then no need to sponsor or guarantor of the country. And sponsor field blank column. Other Fields in the form of other personal data. We fill all of them, send them back to the Father, asking him put a photo and signature. After that he send the application form along with copies of your passport and a plane ticket to the consul in the mail. Accompanied by envelope and SASE.

After almost two weeks, he called, saying that there has been no news of the consul. He also has not paid the maintenance fee is 45 euro. Not really sure where to transfer, he said. We swatch more information on the internet and asked him to call directly to the Consulate General.

This afternoon, he happily told visa is finished. And just this morning he transfer money and send proof of payment to the consulate. Come into force sixty days, he said.


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