Dumbfounded Looking Work Arabs Mdina, Malta

Dumbfounded Looking Work Arabs Mdina, Malta. Not too long in the temple complex of Hagar Qim, we continue the journey. Not long to wait at the bus stop, there is a bus to Valetta, capital of Malta. Almost every city bus in Valetta Malta is heading. So if you want to go to one place we usually have to go to a new Valetta another bus ride toward a specific purpose.

Likewise when we were about to go out of the temple complex of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra towards Mdina. If seen from the map actually if there is direct city bus trip would be quicker and easier. But having to go back to Valetta, so take longer.
Dumbfounded Looking Work Arabs Mdina, Malta.

Prior to Mdina, we all decided to Dingli Cliff. fooled by the name, we thought, this place is like the beauty of the Blue Grotto. It turned out far differently. Invisible high cliff and beautiful here. Just an ordinary waterfront seafood restaurant. So after the bus came half an hour later, we went up and back toward the original goal, Mdina.

Get off at the bus stop, we did not get inside the old city complex. But to sit, snack, take pictures, while attention Embak and sister playing in the playground in front of Mdina. Not far away, some taxi drivers seemed eager to offer every person who came out of Mdina. There are also two horse-drawn carriage parked. Waiting for both tenant services. Although not as cold as Europe, the wind was blowing in the height of the cold. It may also be due to the condition of our bodies are also less fit after traveling from early morning.

Mdina current physical form is the work of the Arab nation. They mengusai islands of Malta in 870 AD. Mdina itself means a walled city. Mdina is not too large compared to the old European cities walled other. But seemed to enter into the Arab cities in general. With a house made of rocks. That said, the atmosphere is similar to Mdina city of Tripoli (capital of Libya) with a much smaller size. Its population, according to wikipedia about 300 people alone.

Centuries was ruled by Arabs, of course, many things have changed here. Church Geraja built. Although impressed parents, all looks clean here. Old houses converted into a museum, shop or concert venue. There is a street named Jalan Masjid. But when we search we did not find any traces of the mosque or there. At one end of the wall at the top of the hill, we could see most of the island of Malta in the bottom. It's beautiful. After perpetuate the video, take pictures with, and track beberpa alley anymore, we walk away. This time to visit the nation's capital this mini, Valetta.


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