Drift Atmosphere "Confuse Blue" Melancholia Budapest

Traveling Drift Atmosphere "Confuse Blue" Melancholia Budapest City. Once upon a time our family talked about Prague with one friend Mr. Prague is very beautiful, but Budapest is more, he had said. And after proving the beauty of Prague, then necessarily, Budapest-was included in the list of cities we want to visit at that time. New years later, in mid-summer of 2007, the desire is reached.

Budapest, then we know, is a combination of the names of the three parts of the city, namely Buda, Pest and Obuda. All three are separated by the Danube River. Sure enough, Budapest no less beautiful than Prague. Palaces, old buildings, historic streets. Everything is integrated with the city's modernization. Stay three days and three nights in Budapest, loaded with impression.

From Vienna, the railway transporters drove approximately two hours. At the border, the group police checked and stamped our passports. Of the train, it is clear the differences between Western and Eastern European countries. Housing and atmosphere in the eastern city still looks retarded. Intense development should take place. Tour Drift Atmosphere "Confuse Blue" Melancholia Budapest City.

Ahead to Budapest, two young men claiming to be from tourist information offers lodging to us. We said we had to book in advance. In a very hot afternoon, after dehydration in Vienna, we arrived in the Hungarian capital. Not just on the train, dozens of people came to look the tourists including us. Offering rooms or lodging. It seems that tourism has become a lucrative business for them. We change money and find out that nyempil tourist offices on the corner of the station and bought a ticket for the bus we use to the inn. As well as stopping to buy a cold drink at a small supermarket next station.

Rather complicated to use public transportation here. Although a picture in the guidebook route luggage, we had to ask several people before making what number bus ride there. Our inn is located in the region turned out at the Buda hills. In an apartment rented to students that most of the travelers.

Our first route is a tourist complex in the hills of Buda. First is Zitadelle, the actual distance is only about a mile from the inn. But having to go up and go up to the top of the hill plus very hot, it was not to the point that we were at the top of the hill. Up there, it's no sweat loss and struggled. Some split the Danube Budapest city looks very charming. In the morning, the atmosphere Zitadelle already crowded by hundreds of tourists. Apart from the fun to photograph Budapest from a height, in this complex there for Bischof Memorial Gellert. Big and tall stone walls, we just enjoy it from the outside.

We filled our empty bottles from a tap water before drinking free to move down the path toward the hills next to the complex, a complex of fortifications. We rode from the gang up, spliced ​​with an old wooden staircase. It was like going into the mid-century alone.

Inside the walls, the tourists are very crowded. Most opt ​​to sit in a cafe, restaurant or take shelter under a tree in the heat oppressive. Rows gift shop offers souvenirs multi-faceted. The price is expensive relative in this area. We crossed, past old houses, and a church headed Fischerbastei like Dom in Cologne. Accustomed to see his church architecture, we prefer to look more clearly at Fischerbastei, a medieval-style building romantic nan. The color is predominantly white. There is a basement spaces that can be entered visitor. From here, the city on the Pest side of the river seen from a distance. Here is also a great place to photograph the magnificent parliament building. A parliament largest and longest in Europe, looks like a palace. Museum enthusiasts can satisfy themselves with a six different museums inside the complex.

At noon, we crossed over to the Buda driving a city bus. Right on the edge of the Danube, in the heart of the capital stood luxury hotels. His restaurant has benches outside the building until the bay near the river. Allowing any visitors enjoy the Buda hills and watch the yachts, motor boats passing in badang river. Not far from the restaurant visitors looked dozen merchants offering handmade cinderamat. The view is in stark contrast. We took time to take pictures with background Kettenbrücke, the legendary bridge support pillars are built of stone decorated with two white lion statues on either side of the front. Unlike the famous bridge began in Prague, Karluv most, the bridge is also passed by cars. Pedestrians rarely use it to cross to Buda. When it was dark, we were walking around downtown. Accompanied by violin accompaniment of a street musician. Enjoy warm evenings Budapest nan.

The next day, our trip starting from Heroe's Square, a vast concrete grounds and monuments are very high. Built to commemorate the heroes of Hungary. Right next door, stood a red beautiful architectural museum. Hard to take the whole picture Heroe was so wide. Moreover, we do not have a special lens for that. Especially with many other tourists milling about here and there.

Major roads across the Heroe's Square, Andrassy ut is, the fame which is recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. From the right side of the road, pedestrian paths that are specially shielded tall trees and a row of park benches, we continue to measure the road. Mengeksploari old buildings, buildings belonging to other countries embassies, banks, dilapidated old buildings, the homeless on park benches, shops, theaters, beautiful flowers. Everything is here. It's not all wonderful. But so melancholy aura makes sense .


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