Dresden, City of Enchantment Tourism Peddle Millions

Traveling to Europa Dresden, City of Enchantment Tourism peddle Millions. Courtesy of a friend who we first met in the virtual world, family travelers traveling to eastern Germany. Stay in Dresden, a beautiful baroque-style city in the country.

One and a half day's around the city, not all the beauty our successful record. We just got to the Schloss (castle) on the banks of the River Elba Pillnitz, as well as some parts of the Altstadt (old city) and the Neustadt (new city).
Dresden, City of Enchantment Tourism peddle Millions, You should at least visit Dressen because you will feel the sensation.

's Nice walk in the city. Unlike other tourist cities such as Hamburg and Cologne, Dresden seemed more deserted. Tourist objects we can enjoy in peace, without having to jostle or Hektik. Dresden, City of Enchantment Tourism peddle Millions, City of Dresden itself are in Europe so you have plan vacation to Europe should be taking to travel to Dresden.

Officially established in 1206 under the name Drezdany, the city is separated from the neighboring city of Leipzig in 1485. New in 1530 began a massive construction under Kurfürst Moritz which makes the capital in 1547. During the reign of August dem Starken and his son Friedrich August II between the years 1694 to 1783, Dresden developed into the most beautiful baroque-style city resident.

As a tourist city, Dresden presents a lot of things: the beauty of the architecture such as the Zwinger, the Frauenkirche, Semperoper and Residenzschloss, art galleries, interesting museums, monuments and other historic buildings. That although it was destroyed during the second world war, most are now back standing proudly.

Traveling with friends in Dresden as a guide, we started from the old town or Altstadt. On a hot afternoon. In our architecture tour Zwinger began. Mueum Zwinger complex is a masterpiece of baroque architecture and is the most famous ancient building in Dresden. Initiators are two great artist as architect Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann and Balthasar Permoser. Zwinger we think alike adalahs ebuah vast temple complex, with four juicy squirt water park in the middle. Carved stones are very charming. We entered the gate like a golden crown. Tourists photographing a scene including our complex content.

The journey then continues to Theaterplatz containing the Semperoper, opera is very popular in this country by Johanns von Sachsen statue at the front of the Frauenkirche, the church just finished a giant rebuilt after being hit by a bomb attack decades ago, Dresden, a building constructed to Pöppelman Augusts wife des Starken, Grafin Cosel, and former Catholic church Hofkirche. Only one word to describe the beauty of the architecture of these buildings: wow ...

Exhibition of beauty does not stop here, just a few steps from the longitudinal Theaterplatz Augustus Bridge, Dresden civic pride liaison Altstadt and Neustadt (new city), Festung Dresden who owns the building underground, Stallhof and Fürstenzug, painting rulers Dresden Meissen ceramic surface 25 thousands .

After passing Brühlsche Terrasse, it was getting dusk. The terrace is the owner of the nickname Balcony of Europe because of its beauty and garden statues. We stopped at the Prager Strasse, where the center of the city life takes place. Street musicians playing classical music, people flooded the cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the warm atmosphere of the city. We feel you're in another world.

Neustadt Our visit the other day. On the banks of the River Elba promenade is a very suitable place to photograph the beauty of the Altstadt. There's not much we saw in the area where the buildings owned by the city government and the state of Saxony is standing. Only one or two large buildings and statues Gold Polish King Friedrich August I as an attention getter.


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