Dozens of Luxury Car Honda CR-Z is Competed Citizens Capital

Dozens of luxury car Honda CR-Z is competed Citizens Capital
Denpasar - the heart of the hybrid sports car, the Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car lovers succeed anesthetize Indonesia. At least 50 units of hybrid sports sedan has been sold.

Director of Marketing and After Sales Service of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Jonfis Fandy said 50 units were purchased by people in Jakarta.


"It's 50 biggest unit. Was Jakarta alone," he said on the sidelines Jonfis media test drive the all-new CR-V in Bali, on Wednesday (10/10/2012).


According Jonfis although reservations have been done, but the new Honda could send the car into the home in February 2012.


"50 CR-Z. Distribution February. Plihan This new sports car. Was demonstrated technology on the environment," he said.


Anka 50 units, according to Jonfis can be seen from all sides. When compared to conventional cars, of course, that number is relatively small. But when it sees it as a new car, a stylized hybrid sport that has a heart, number 50 can be considered high.


"This segmented. 120 units per month has been good," he said.


In Indonesia, Honda CR-Z hybrid manual transmission is offered at a price of Rp 475 million and New CR-Z CVT transmission at Rp 489 million.


The heart of the car is enhanced by the engine 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine combined with a battery technology Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). Performance Honda CR-Z engine capable of producing maximum power up to 120 hp at 6600 rpm engine speed for type 6 speed manual transmission, and 118 hp at 6600 rpm engine speed for CVT transmission type.


Meanwhile, the IMA also equipped with devices powered by 100 volt battery capable of generating 20 PS power addition.


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