Dooroo Dooroo, Applications Made ​​By Korean Beautiful Actress Song Hye-Kyo

 Dooroo Dooroo, applications made ​​by Song Hye-gyo

Today Korean (Hangul Day) this year to be different for the beautiful actress Song Hye-gyo. Women aged 30 years, appeared to have a special program to preserve Korean. He was with Professor Seo Kyoung-duk of University Women Sungshin launched smart phone application for culture.

Koreajoongangdaily Page writes that the name of the player made ​​apilikasi drama "Full House" is Dooroo Dooroo. Application can be downloaded for free with its seven heritage sites in China. The building was built by the average Korean bureaucrats who lives in exile while the era of Japanese colonialism.


Because of the cultural program, it was Amnestied directly by Independence Hall of Korea. Everything is aimed at the promotion of Korean culture.


Song Manager said that as a Hallyu star, who also played on the women's drama Hotelier wants to be involved in the introduction of Korean culture. "Song for the Korean real want to get involved and spread the language across the world." Applications, said Professor Seo, Korea will help tourists to trace their culture abroad.


Song involvement in the promotion of Korean culture is not the first. In April, he and Seo has distributed 300 thousand pamphlets about the independence of Korea in China. Spread the pamphlet was done in Korean representative office in Shanghai.


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