Do You Know? IOS vs Android ICS 6, More Complete Where?

IOS vs Android ICS 6, More Complete Where?
Apple has just introduced the latest operating system for their mobile devices, iOS 6. Many of the new features that are present in the OS, but how sophisticated when compared with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), which was already present? 

Indeed, iOS 6 will bring a myriad of reform than the previous version. But unfortunately all the features offered is not really new, at least when paired with Android ICS was introduced late 2011. 

In iOS 6 users now can use the map to navigate to any corner alias turn by turn. Fun again, in iOS 6 you can also enjoy 3D map in exciting dish. 

Well, for Android users ICS maybe it is not new. On the map offered by Google users can not only offer a turn by turn navigation, but also the mode of walking, biking, and transit. Even so about the 3D capabilities that already exist. 

Another feature that Apple introduced in iOS 6 is the integration of Facebook. Hmm ... If it is possible Android has existed since a few versions ago, and not just Facebook, most social networking applications and cloud services can be immersed in it. 

Besides the two features mentioned above, the following is a complete comparison between iOS 6 when compared to Android ICS in a table. As quoted from ZDNet, Monday (06/18/2012).

If seen from the above data it can be concluded that what Apple has to offer tomorrow with iOS 6 was already there on Android right now, especially the ICS. But no doubt also if iOS often offers a stable operating system with a security system that is better than Android.


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