Diversity History, Culture and Natural Beauty Superlatives Baden-Wurttemberg

Diversity History, Culture and Natural Beauty Superlatives Baden-Wurttemberg,Germany. The state capital is Stuttgart located in southwestern Germany. This is where modern meets industrial with a diversity of history, culture and natural beauty. Superb views, cultures and traditions, interesting cities, amazing places, various sports activities and pleasure, ynag friendly people and good food type making holidays in Baden-Wurttemberg an unforgettable experience.

This state has a lot of tourist destinations. Triumph Schwarzwald (Black Forest) and the Bodensee (Lake Constance) has passed the German border. One of the strengths is the diversity of attractions. Baden-Wurttemberg has everything for every enthusiast - what are going on holiday in Schwabische Alp, daily tours in castles or palaces in Pfalz, walking in the forest Odenwald, a wine tour in Heilbronn-Franken or just a walk in the capital Stuttgart.
Diversity History, Culture and Natural Beauty Superlatives Baden-Wurttemberg.

One of the most popular is the Schwarzwald region. Covered in snow in winter, filled with flowers in the spring, refreshing lakes in the summer, and the exquisite color of leaves in autumn. In the Schwarzwald are interesting towns. As Calw, the birthplace of the famous author Herman Hesse, Maulbronn monastery complex, a Unesco cultural heritage, baden-Baden, famous for its spas and casinos, such as the beautiful university towns like Tuebingen and Freiburg. Biggest theme park in Germany, Europa-Park Rust also in Schwarzwald.

In addition to contrasting valleys in Rhein, Danube and Neckar, Lake Constance, one of the largest lakes in the country, among the shining panorama of the Alps. Interesting tourist attractions here include flower island Mainau, Reichenau island (one of the UNESCO cultural heritage), the city of Konstanz, Zeppelin museum and prehistoric buildings. Not only that this lake has to offer. Many people come here to participate in sports and fitness activities or enjoy the atmosphere of the villages there.

The hills in the area of ​​Hohenlohe-Neckar-Schwaben forest between the rivers Kocher and Jagst covered by vineyards, orchard and woods. Their artisticthis area is reflected in the collection of valuable artifacts in the ancient cities with reinforced wooden houses, castles and palaces. One of Gotz von Goethe Berlichingen, king of thieves with an iron fist, so one program possibilities in Jagsthausen Castle Festival.

Several cities in Baden-Wurttemberg known up to foreign countries. Heidelberg at the top spot. Followed Stuttgart, Freiburg and Tübingen. Cities like Aalan, Ravensburg, Ulm and Ludwigsburg is equally interesting. With culture, architecture and shopping venues.

Stuttgart people work and have fun with the same severity. Bosch, Daimler, Porsche. All set here. Is well known for innovation and their world-class reputation. Ballet and opera class shown here. Two palaces, galleries and parks Wilhelma countries are some of the tourist attractions attract them.

Heidelberg is very famous for its castles and old buildings. The city has the oldest university, student town atmosphere, trendy bars and tadisional, antique shops and galleries. Romantic, idyllic, cosmopolitan, dynamic, modern - all owned by Heidelberg.

Karlsruhe is a relatively new city full of culture and convenience of living (joie de vivre). Located on the banks of the Rhine between Schwarzwald, Alsace and Pflaz, visitors meet special museums. The city center is shaped like a fan, parks and palaces barock, botanical gardens, and many animals kbun green area is an inviting place to visit.

Baden Wurttemberg is also a storehouse of good food and world-class restaurant. This region also produces fine local produce. Tart Black Forest, Maultaschen and pasta Spätzle are very well known.

Maultaschen is one type of meat content sausage ravioli and spinach. Can be served with broth, with onions fried in fat or baked with butter and served with a poached egg.

Spaetzle, small dumplings made of dough boiled in boiling water. Usually served with filet meat and onions or circuitry lentils and sausage specialties Schwaben.

Schupnudeln Rolade a finger is made from potato dough. Delicious eaten with grilled meat or sauerkraut.

Typical regional foods include garlic soup Baden wood sorrel soup with smoked trout, Bibeliskäs (kri cheese with herbs) potato soup and steamed dumplings with apple sauce.


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