Delicious and Cheap Food in Station Germany

Delicious and Cheap Food in Station Germany. Some time ago, Mother was peeling a bit about the food at the railway station here. The article is actually more focused to one type of food. Well here Mother will be mainly revolves around the types of kosher food that we can get at the railway stations in Germany.

Great little a station here is usually tailored to the small and the large number of local townspeople. Logical. If more people, mass transport demand certainly bigger. In small stations, the atmosphere is sometimes like a city bus stop. Counters seller is replaced by a vending machine. If anyone else selling usually just a small kiosk and only open during the hours crowded.
Delicious and Cheap Food in Station Germany.

In cities rather large as our living area, Düren, existing station building where German railway company (Deutsche Bahn) to sell tickets. In addition there is a bookstore, an ATM machine, and a bakery. Food store is open quite a long one starting about 6 am to about 9 pm. Sundays and holidays also remain open. Although not as long as a normal day. Here are sold hot drinks (coffee, tea, etc.), some kind of German sandwiches, pizza and soups. If you want to buy our usual pick cheese sandwiches, pieces of boiled egg or tuna salad. For pizza, Margerita or tuna. Or there are some dry food and beverages in vending machines.

At larger stations, besides there are bakeries, there are also a few stores selling household goods and food stalls franchises such as McDonald's, Burger King or Subway.

While in the metropolitan cities, the state capital, and other larger cities, the station has morphed into a small shopping center and food. Residents of these towns would likely not have to worry about running out of food stock. Food shops scattered farrago. If you want to shop staples or any clothes here. Automatic machines ready to serve buyers as well as the passenger who was in a hurry. Some food stalls even open 24 hours a day.

In the big city stations like this, the type of food provided was multi-faceted. In addition to the cafes to eat fast food, rows of bakery, pizza, turkish food, Japanese dishes, china, thailand. Almost all available. Stations with a great shopping we've ever come across is the station of Leipzig and Berlin.

For quick selection, we usually choose the bakery department. Because its price is skewed. A great bread contains cheese, egg, or tuna fish sold from 1.39 to 1.99 euros. Their coffee is also cheaper. Small container from 1.20 euro. When you have to wait a long time, we like to sit in a more comfortable cafe. With a cup of coffee and a cake, we can sit as long as we want. Other foods we buy are often ynag doner kebab. Turkish food from stalls is usually eaten halal. It costs about 3 euros. Another alternative is to buy noodles at the food stalls vegetaria asia. With 2.50 euros per share, a hefty wedge stomach while in transit.


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