Delaying Travel to Winterberg Current Weather Not Friendly

Delaying Travel to Winterberg Current Weather Not Friendly. Plan together to Winterberg should be postponed. Properly Saturday last week our family with some friends plan to get there. Alas, the day before, there was a blizzard warning will occur in most parts of Germany. we did not want to take the risk. Would not have been nice if we caught on the way. Especially in cold weather today.

The day before leaving for Winterberg, the weather forecast said that the estimated temperature there is around minus 8 ° C. Due to the wind, then the body will feel the temperature of minus 15 ° C. Cold. In Winterberg long we would play in the snow outside. Bring two small children with the condition is not one hundred percent fit, it's also unwise. On the radio and internet news, have a lot of warnings of the coming storm is named Daisy.
Delaying Travel to Winterberg Current Weather Not Friendly.

This is good here. If there is a prophecy of the coming of a disaster, the information to be done by the parties in full. Through radio, television, and the Internet. There is complete information about which areas are at high risk of hurricanes, how about the wind speed, the possibility of the formation of the ice dangerous in the streets and so on. One situ named unwetterzentrale even mapping the disaster area. Just by clicking on an area on the map, we will be able to know many things menganai forecast disasters in the area.

Not only give a warning about the possibility of a storm, the media also gave a lot of advice and appeal to residents. Germans, for example, are encouraged to abandon their cars at home and switch to using public transport. Do not use private cars unless it's very urgent, so the sound of the appeal. Residents, especially in remote areas required to provide stocks of food, clean water to stock, fueled radio battery, provides emergency stove with gas cylinder, and prepare for an emergency generator. There is a possibility of water and electricity connections will be disconnected if a disaster has occurred. Prepare yourself not hurt.

Not only that, the team prepare more people in certain places. Many people deployed in toll roads, and the railroad company. Because it is estimated there will be more accidents on the motorway and rail delays due to various disorders. Everything is aimed at minimizing the number of victims and reduce public anxiety.


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