Defeat Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Honda and Kawasaki in Sales Motor Sport

Defeat Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Honda and Kawasaki in Sales Motor Sport.In the Indonesian motorcycle market to the sports segment, Yamaha is still difficult to shake and April recorded a total sales of 38,183 units. While on the scooter, the new GT Soul launched last month, the marketing experience to 1632 percent jump.

For the category of sport, V-Ixion is still the biggest-selling and based on data from AISI (Indonesian Motorcycle Association), sales rose 10 percent last month, from 22,886 units to 25,097 units. Last year, in the same period V-Ixion is only sold 18,903 units, meaning there was an increase of 33 percent. Other models, Byson and Scorpio contributed 11,975 units 1111 units.


With these, the total sales of Yamaha sport from January to April 2012 recorded 139 583 units (V-Ixion 88,221 units, 47,200 units and Scorpio Byson 4162 units).


"Yamaha Motor sport was believed to consumers since then and is Yamaha's commitment to providing the best service to consumers remains to be improved. This is the key to Yamaha stay ahead in the sports segment, "said Indra Dwi Sunda, PR & Corporate Communication Head Yamaha Indonesia.


Soul GT Up 1632 Percent
Group of ducks still be the largest contributor of total sales for Yamaha 236 185 units in April. Obtained the greatest endorsement of scooter that touched 146,004 units, up 3 percent from the previous month. The increase was much boosted GT Soul of a fantastic sales, from just 2024 units (March) to 35 052 units in April, or an increase of 1632 percent.


Teen FI J Mio CW also increase sales of Yamaha with a donation of 31,626 units 57,133 units in March, meaning that there is an increase of 81 percent. Followed Mio Fino, Mio Soul J and GT showed an increase in sales of 104,679 units in March to 132,719 units a month thereafter, an increase of 27 percent. Details, Mio Fino 26,064 units, 71,603 units and Mio J Soul GT 35 052 units.


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