Culinary Pleasure Trips Japanese Cuisine in the Baltic

Culinary Pleasure Trips "Japanese cuisine" in the Baltic. The title story of this time may be felt not fit. Mosok roads to the Baltic states (European region near Russia), eating Japanese food. However our experience over the holidays so there was the fall of 2009. Five times eating at the local diner, three of which are in the Japanese restaurant.

Our inn manager in Riga, recommend a restaurant called Lido. The location is only about 20 meters from the residence. Cheap, convenient, and tasty, the manager said. According to some information on the internet, Lido, one of the oldest restaurant in Riga is a cozy place to eat. Highly recommended for tourists to stop by here.
In our first night in Riga, in fact we already will come to Lido. We benighted. He was about to close soon. From the outside Gated suasanya comfortable Lido. Bench made of natural wood. Somewhat dim lights with candles on each table. He sells grilled food store. There is also a vegetarian diet.

We then went on to the city center. Precisely in derah Riga central station. There is a mall there, complete with a supermarket. Drive around for a while we, decided to join a Japanese restaurant, Gan Bei. Price is a major pull factor. In Germany, we do not dare to go in Japanese restaurant kind, confused first look at the price. We ordered green tea, soup, fried rice with shrimp fried tepun great. Portions are not too large. Simply create an Asian like our stomach. The locals waitresses dressed like the Japanese.

Originally pramuaji serving fragrant tea and a wet towel. Then came the soup. last new main menu. Everything is good. Presentation of the food is gorgeous. We went home with a full and satisfied.

Tomorrow afternoon, Mother kepengen longer sample Japanese cuisine. Especially in Riga we saw many Japanese restaurant stands. This time, we went into a restaurant franchise, Planeta Sushi. More expensive than Gan Bei. Embak eat the children's menu. Consists of french fries, salad, fried fish and rice. Plus fruit as a dessert. His mother and father chose salmon donburi menu. Delicious. Although out of there a little regret, because the price is not as cheap as before.

In our last night in Kaunas, Lithuania, anyway we decided to eat at Gan Bei. This name is the same restaurant where we ate the first in Riga, Latvia. But the menu is different. Type of food in Gan Bei Kaunas more diverse. Here, in addition to order soup and a main menu, we also tasted their sushi. Because currently there is a discounted price. Content of smoked salmon California roll is not disappointing on the tongue. vegetable fried rice flour and fried mushrooms diajungi deserves a thumbs up. Satisfied it was in the Baltic can eat Japanese restaurant without worrying about the bag so hollow.


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