Crazy, Nissan GT-R Down to the Asphalt With a Price of Rp 2.2 Billion!

Crazy, Nissan GT-R down to the asphalt with a price of Rp 2.2 Billion!
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Jakarta - The legend lives Nissan GT-R finally officially pave in Indonesia. Nissan car that became an icon in the world was released in Indonesia at Rp 2.2 billion.

"It is an icon, and the icon is now greets Indonesia," said President Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia Kitaro Izumida.


Legendary sports car is a representation of technology and excitement. With multi-performance super car concept, the GT-R is an icon of Nissan's pioneer spirit long.


Completing the line-up in Indonesia Nissan, Nissan GT-R model 2013 with a 3.8L engine support officially marketed in Indonesia with the price offered Rp. 2.2 billion On the road in Jakarta.


Launch of the GT-R is claimed is another example of Nissan's commitment to providing a wide selection of interesting and unique products for the Indonesian market.


Not only looks luxurious, this model has improved maximum engine output and fuel efficiency (thereby reducing CO2 emissions) by improving the efficiency of the engine.


This sports car deilengkapi with asymmetric suspension, multi-speed perfomance and highly responsive driving performance that provides stability, as well as high-quality driving experience for penumpangya.


Nissan Cars is now shown in the Indonesia International Motor Show which is now underway in Kemayoran, Jakarta. In this event, Nissan's collaboration with Sony, during the exhibition there will be a GT-R simulator game that can be played by all visitors to the Nissan booth.


GT-R racing simulator allows users to experience the same sensations like a driver behind the wheel. This experience will provide a very different driving experience.


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