Crazy, manufacturer Audi Special Car Reward German team at The London Olympics

Crazy, manufacturer Audi Special Car Reward German team at the London Olympics

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London - Olympic Games being held in London also insert a unique story. Car manufacturers competing to make special cars for their country.

From Germany did not miss. Audi introduced the A1 e-Tron electric Edition German Olympic Team. It's special to escort German athletes who are competing in London England.


As reported by autoevolution, Thursday (02/08/2012) the car body is clearly visible when the car is bloody Germans.


German flag adorned on each side of the car and interior. LED lights the car was made ​​to resemble the German flag red, yellow (gold), and black. At the rim also inserted a German flag on each side.


But for offal, aka Audi engines intentionally did not change. This car still carries an electric motor capable of acceleration in 10 seconds to reach speeds of 100 miles per hour mph. A1 e-Tron EV is also capable of reaching a top speed of 120 km / h.


Audi sent 60 units of the Audi A1 e-Tron to London so that cars can meet the transportation needs of the athletes who competed.


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