Crazy, Luxury Car Toyota Mark X So Armada Taxis in Indonesia

Crazy, Luxury Car Toyota Mark X So Armada Taxis in Indonesia

Mark X in Japan
Jakarta - Indonesia's taxi users will get more than one type of car Toyota. After Taxi Limo, Alphard, Camry and there was another one, the Mark X.


As said Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor Joko Trisanyoto, when contacted detikOto.


"Yeah we start selling Mark X, but it's for a taxi as Limo Camry (imported) from Australia," said Joko.


In June 2012 Toyota Mark X had sold up to 241 units, while in July 2012 Mark X sold to 258 units. These cars were directed to a taxi, not the personal use.


"Indeed we do not sell to regular, as well as in Australia it is only one part only," said Joko


Unfortunately when confirmed brands which are lucky to get a cab Toyota Mark X, John did not know about it. Everything was being tanggaung responsibility of Auto2000, as authorized agent of Toyota.


"Who knows what brand of taxi use, it Auto2000. If I do not know," he concluded.


Chief Executive Officer Jody Auto2000 Jodjana when contacted detikOto not pick up the phone.


Japanese CBU car has two engine options namely 2,500 cc and 3,500 cc with luxury cars such as the Toyota Crown, Lexus GS 350 and Lexus IS 350.


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