Crazy! Create Bentley Special Division Bulletproof Cars

Create Bentley Special Division Bulletproof Cars
Bentley Continental GT

London - Although small, it seems bulletproof car market is good-good. Therefore, many brands introducing their latest bulletproof cars. Bentley even intend to make a special division to handle the production of bulletproof cars.


Bentley chief financial officer Jan-Henrik LaFrentz admitted that they are considering the launch of a variety of armored cars to customers in Latin America, the Middle East and Russia are currently growing.


In many countries, a bulletproof car is an important vehicle on the road because of the threat of attacks or kidnappings is high. Therefore, bulletproof car sales continued to run.


"There is also a demand from Russia and the Middle East, we can not do this just for one country. Was the other countries where there is a need for this," he said as quoted by the Guardian.


Currently, the UK-based manufacturer is producing 8 of the 10 cars to markets outside the UK.


Even so, bulletproof cars Bentley has a look similar to conventional Bentley cars. Bentley was reluctant to divulge what the differences between them and anyone who ordered a Bentley with the ability to block a barrage of bullets.


Bentley is owned by Volkswagen in semester one to sell about 4,000 vehicles, up 32% year on year, with sales in the U.S. increased by about 25% and China sales up 55%. In the UK, 557 Bentleys delivered to customers, an increase of 4.5% in the first six months of 2011.


Bentley's ambition by LaFrentz was still there because they are targeting will be able to sell up to 15,000 vehicles per year by 2015. Cars like the new SUV models they show in Geneva is expected to help the sale.


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