Crazy, Cannibal Corpse Concert Organizers 2000 Target Audience

Crazy, Cannibal Corpse concert organizers 2000 Target Audience

Revision Entertaiment concert promoter targeting an American metal band Cannibal Corpse visited 2000 spectators. To date, the admission has sold more than half.

"So far, tickets have already been sold more than 1200. We target 2000 sheets," said PR promoter Revision Entertaiment, Ardie, told Tempo, Thursday, October 11, 2012.


Organizers are also still accepting candidates for the audience who want to buy tickets at the last concert in the East Parking Lot Senayan, Jakarta, tomorrow, Friday, October 12, 2012. "So the number of sales would increase," he said.


In this concert, there was no division of the ticket price of the classes provided. Promoters who have successfully held the event Hammersonic Metal Fest 2012 was pegged normal ticket price of 250 thousand dollars. While in the past two sessions presale, ticket prices priced 150 thousand and 200 thousand dollars.


Cannibal Corpse became active in 1988. Band reinforced by Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums), Alex Webster (bass), George'' Corpsegrinder'' Fisher (vocals), Patrick O'' Brien (guitar), and Rob Barrett (guitar) already has more than 10 albums.


Their careers could reap controversy like the picture on the cover of the album Tomb of MUTILATED deemed too violent. As a result, there are some countries that censor even banned the sale of the album.




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