Crazy! Admission Charged to Besucher Terrasse Dusseldorf Airport

Admission charged to Besucher Terrasse Dusseldorf Airport. Although not traveling by plane, we occasionally visited the airport. Sometimes for delivering or picking up a friend. Sometimes to entertain younger brother, a big fan of airplanes. Well usually at every airport is no place called besucherterasse. Alias ​​patio diners. The open space at the top to watch the planes take off and landing. On the inside of the airport building, there are also places like this. However, often controlled by the owners of the restaurant. In order for their customers satisfied and enjoy the scenery outside.

While living in Bremerhaven first, we occasionally the Bremen airport. Up to patio diners. Because including a small airport, not too many planes pacing here. At the airport Cologne-Bonn larger, more number of aircraft would go up and down. Unfortunately at this airport there is no elevator or escalator. So a little trouble when we bring the child stroller. The train we were staying near the stairs.
Admission charged to Besucher Terrasse Dusseldorf Airport.

Last week, while dropping a friend to the airport Duesseldorf, we do not want to miss the chance to go up to the terrace visitors. It is the top floor. Three floors up from the departure terminal. The road to get there is full of counters agent. Offer last minute travel packages. Right near the visitor entrance porch there is a gift shop themed special aircraft.


Unfortunately if you want to get into the patio diners Duesseldorf airport, people must pay. The adults 2.20 euros. Children over six years 1 euro's. Less than six months free. Yeah .... unfortunately the desire to see the plane up and down should we cancel it now ...: (


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