Cool Holidays to Crete, Greece

Cool holidays to Crete, Greece. Crete is an island belonging to Greece a second that we visit. Crete that the Greek Kriti. Residents of Crete named >> << Nisos Megali, the largest island. Spacious island with an area of ​​8335 km ² island is the largest island of Greece, while in the Mediterranean island is the largest island to 5. (Sicily, Sardinien, Zypern and Corsica). The island is also located between Asia, Europe and Africa.

April and Mai is the best month to holiday in Crete. Very comfortable temperature, not too hot and very little rain. Not only that the month is not too crowded with tourists and we can see a lot of wild flowers growing on the edges of the road that we've been through.
Cool holidays to Crete, Greece.

The myth, of this island I became interested in the story of the god Zeus Boreas. I used to only hear it, but do not read it. I had read a little about the myths contained in the travel guide books and travel books contained in the hotel lobby. The story is very interesting.

Zeus kidnapped the daughter of the king of Libya called Europe (which is now the name is part of the world, Europe is originally from the East) to the island of Crete and gave birth to three sons, namely Minos, and Sarpedon Rhadamantys.
At first we were booking this holiday to Crete to fly during the day in advance. Turns out 2 months before our departure flight schedule was changed to be morning. I've deh really scared can not sleep and pain. It turned out really, even the day before our evening to our friend Ari place to rest there for a while, before we continue our journey in the morning to the airfield.

I could not sleep and had a cold, because I'm on an airplane I dech abdominal pain, dizziness and so on. Could not sleep, could not makanpun. Anyway dech drunk and nausea. Fortunately fly from Bremen to Iraklion (Crete) takes 3 hours. Until thence still a bit dizzy and added hungry.

Crete airport located in Chania and Iraklion. We landed at the airport of Iraklion. Iraklion is the capital of Crete. The air is really small harbor to accommodate the arrival of the tourists were not on any tourist season already crowded and chaotic especially in season. When we landed there and to find out where we can take our luggage, the passengers of the plane with us confused look. There were only 2 machines running the place took the suitcase which is located adjacent to and 1 machine apart again located in the other room. On the second machine was still running the suitcases from other aircraft. We all do not know which machine should we stay close. On board the engine is not running it says the arrival of our aircraft. After waiting in one of the machines, it turns out one of our suitcases on the machine running the other hemmm ....

Not only that, due to the small airfield the counter or representative office of the travel agent turns out there is in a building that reminded me of the store building located under the train tracks in Jakarta so. As the building so emergency.

We are looking for a pickup to take us to the hotel apartment that we will stay for a holiday in Crete.
Funny thing is we were in between the small transport bus that led some tourists to the respective hotel. That driver had asked us what we actually stay in Bali. Apparently only us who stay in Bali and the most distant among the tourists as well as other inter-last.

Funny incident happened fitting we return to Germany at this airport. Fitting we get there, travel agency representatives already waiting for us outside the gate. He said we had to wait, sit out because so many tourists who want to return. He said the counter to check in yet know where.

It was not from our travel agency representatives are waiting outside. Many representatives of other agencies berjalanan wait outside.

I fit into to see where the check-in counter his other agents telling us where the counter agent. Pas already opened apparently very long queue. It's been our suitcase so it was just in love weigh and number plane, then we have to take our luggage after check-in, to scan our luggage to the other and not have to queue because of the counter we just love tuh a suitcase.

Anyway dech crowded and chaotic. Representatives so we were already told us if you've check-in directly to the boarding section and if you want to eat or go to the toilet and have a look at the course. Sure enough, we want to pass the examination for admission to the already long queues Boarding really. Probably about 5 meters. Because the examination only 2 were in the open. People on grumble, grumble, not to mention there was not wait queues one line for the second examination, suddenly turned into 2. There's a run-back of the bench to run and jump quickly to the line to 2. Exclaimed deh look, not to mention there who do not know and too late to go boarding, insisting urged to come forward pass of the family behind us, really angry. Because he said already passed 200 times now people can not on the sidelines anymore hehe ... * He says one of his own why not from the beginning of advent. * This is an exciting and chaotic spectacle deh.


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