Complete Information Regarding Berchtesgadener Land and Salzburg

 Complete Information Regarding Berchtesgadener Land and Salzburg

by: Feronica Luttmer
1 to 10 September 2006
Berchtesgadener Land (Suedost Bayern) - East Germany
Perhaps in saying here unspoiled natural scenery, natural and charming. Its beauty can not we forget. Berchtesgadener Land is a small area between Bayern (Germany) and Salzburg (Austria).

Finally we finished well vacation in the Alps region Bavaria (southern Germany). We rented a house in Marktschellenberg, Ferienhaus Untersbergblick Planitscher. For this month we may not sleep in a tent, because the temperature was getting cold.

We set out on a Friday afternoon. That night the car in the parking lot highway and we slept in the car. Finally at 08:00 am we arrived at the location. Since it was early, we still have not been able to get into a rented house. Because it's allowed in the new 13:00.

Therefore we chose a walk once in Hallein (Austria). From where we were staying was not far into Austria. The city is not too big but nice. On Saturday it was the middle of town there is the market, crowded at all. It is therefore not easy to find a place to park the car. We can also parking on the outskirts of town. If the car park in the city is expensive. Unfortunately due to exhaustion, we forgot to take a photo of his city.

We're back to the rented house after lunch. Last night we paid @ € 35, his house there are 2 rooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen. It's just like regular models such as the furniture was in the Bayern region. Alias ​​is not modern. But the point is all okay, and his office was located at the top. So we could see a nice view from the balcony.

From the side of the house, there is a route to wandern (walking around). We intend to have to go up the mountain. The scenery here is stunning. Although we had many astray.

The places we visit and wandern (walk around) aka up the mountain:
1. Gruenstein
The weather was very cold that day. We must circling looking for parking. For our best to find a free parking. Fearing will not rain, we take full gear to climb to the top, take lunch (bread and drinks). It did not rain, and our mind carrying a backpack. I've not been breathing exercises, to ramp up. Much the way I've yet struggling. Once on the road to it was not in vain. The landscape depicted difficult beauty.
Here also there gruensteinDi small house (Gruensteinhuette) in use as a restaurant. Only in the opening of Mai - late October due to winter, it may not bring food supplies by car to the top.

2. AlmbachklammThe first time we got there I think mediocre. In front of the entrance we see Kuegelmuehle (milling bullet) from MARMOR. Then we have to buy tickets for the first entrance to the gorge in aliri river rapids. Since we rent, we can chick card that we can use for discounts to get to certain places or parking so. Entrance is € 2.5 / person. However we only pay € 2 / person. It's just a little discount but it's important we be able to lower prices.

A walk around, it turns out nice scenery. Right up there when we went around, we saw a little house and cow. Afterwards we must shopping before returning home. In the rented house we can cook, so can be more efficient holiday.

3. Gollinger Wasserfall (Austria)
My legs feel fresh turns that day, after a few days sightseeing. Pegel feet at all. Walter says, we are today just the way a bit. Soon it turned out pretty well. But if we look at the landscape, relieved my foot pain. Very beautiful waterfall, despite the sore feet.

4. Lammeroefen (Austria)
berchtesgadenLammeroefen it is Klamm (through river gorges in the rain).We also got out of line, when looking for this place. As usual, we have to pay to get into this canyon. The scenery is beautiful, in this place turned out to be as well if we want to, booking for rafting. Rafting here seems fun to tuch. It's just that I was really scared as the name rafting so. When taking pictures in this place with video cameras, are suddenly blurred image. I was stressed too. I think the new camera is broken. And it just bought, it turns out I was wrong press the button on the camera. Indeed bolot also I was, amazingly still fresh with the name of technology.

5. Gosausee (Austria)
Udah afternoon, belly rings already. We are looking for a lunch break the soothing sights and near the water. When looking for a good view, we see the end of the lake. For parking was a bit difficult, there are many today who visit. Forced to, we have to park the car some distance away.
Because already exhausted, we were here just a lunch break. No roving around, feet on pegel really.

6. Hallstaettersee (Austria)
We it was going to go see the town of Hallstatt. But we are really hard to find a parking space in the city. Parking in the very expensive city 7-8 €. Park on the outskirts of town could not be, because in the nearby suburbs there who pay her parking place is not cheap, and a little further too. Yach is ultimately our only photos on Hallstaettersee.

7. Bad Ischl and Wolfgangsee (Austria)
In bad call, maybe because in that place there is a place for convalescence.
Here there are hot showers and no summer house kings Austria first, which is now made in the museum. We are only a short way and the road to Wolfgangsee.

8. KoenigsseeWe must get out of the house in the morning. We boarded a boat to circumnavigate the lake.
We can stop at two stops (Salet, St. Barthloma). Our first stop in Salet. The roads around here is really good, the water is very clean. Today the sun is very bright. Therefore, it is very beautiful water reflection. Before we got Salet, kapitannya plays trumpet on one hill gap, which reflects the trumpet sound (echo). We salet circumferential road and we want to see the waterfall. It's just that we do not see. We only see from a distance. It was not only us, hikers earlier also says hard to find a way to get there. We give up and return boat ride to St. Barthloma. Here we photograph and eat smoked fish.
From St. Barthloma Koenigsee turns back to mengantrinya long.

9. Koepplschneid - Kleiner Barmstein (small Barmstein)
We started walking around the side of the house routenya. Even got confused at first. But finally see well. The road to get there we had passed the horse. His horse was hilarious. Like looking face. I was amused too coz the horse. I told Walters in case the horse fit me coz. The horse had run-run-off follow us from the side of the border. I said to Walter, I do not want to Barmstein large, because the road to get there was not easy. To small Barmstein aja already difficult especially great. Funnily enough I was struggling up the fitting turns me down there grandfather, grandmother and two grandchildren (8-10 years old) went up easy. The view from the top we could see the city of Hallein (Austria) and we were sitting on a rock border of Germany and Austria. Pas also appeared behind us was also lost.

10. Halsalm
We bring binoculars, who knows can see an eagle. Here there is a small museum. We Kelling way up to the top. The road is far too. Anyway street away what is important is not nice scenery. Above we see a lot of cows. Usually in the dry season that the farmers brought their livestock to the mountain. I had the same fear of cows. SOLD I never heard of anyone ever in the same seruduk cows, if cows eat again. Not only that, scared at the same berakin cows. They wear the cow was often really waste meal. From top to bottom as well as the scenery here around good.
After that we went down and roads to zauberwald (enchanting forest) as the name suggests is very enchanting forest once. There is sand and the river with the water rushing all.

11. Salzburg (Austria)
We do not have a car we got into Salzburg, because parking in the city is rather expensive. Therefore, we parked on the outskirts and we took the bus into town.
Our streets Mirabellgarten (Mirabell Gardens) and Schloss Mirabell (Palace).
At that time, there were two couples (from the UK and Germany) were married at Schloss Mirabell (palace) which is now made in the town hall and a place for who want to get married in Salzburg and after marriage pictures in garden.

Furthermore, we walk around the Festung Hohensalzburg (Fortress height). Since it is very expensive, we do not enter into it. I had asked for student discounts can not, eh was not. We went downstairs, walked through the birth of Mozart.

We finally had to return home our house in Bremerhaven. Previously we stopped first, to cities that are near each direction to get to Bremenhaven. We stopped in the town of Bamberg and the bedding camping. Bamberg is a city of world cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. Here there is a big old cathedral in which there are graves beneath. Museum, the old town hall, located near the river and also the famous small venezia. We could also see people around in Kanu as well as a boat in Venice.

Fulda is a city of style baroque era. In this city a lot of ancient churches. Cathedral, Schloss (Palace) which is now made in city hall and museum. Orangerie is a building used as a place to plant flowers or fruits in the winter which can not be planted outside. Inside this building for some room and not in use hnya for ornamental plants but in a few ornaments. And to the meeting place as well. There are also around town there are wizards tower and the old city hall building.

The story of this trip ended up here. Hopefully not get enough of reading ya!!!


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