Cheap Hotels Jugendherberge coffee in Prüm

Cheap Hotels Jugendherberge coffee in Prüm. Winter is the best season to try out cheap lodging in the inn-Jugendherberge (youth hostel) the state of Rheinland Pfalz and Saarland. Between 15 November and 15 March they give a discount to stay big. Two night stay from 39 euro only. Depending on the standard of the room, between II to IV +.

After a free stay at Jugendherberge Gerolstein previous month, we tried one with the highest standards, the level IV +. Two nights 69 euro family includes one dinner and two breakfasts. For standard German, very very cheap.

Our first choice was Jugendherberge closest to home. Ie between Altenahr or Bad Neunahr. Both are full for the dates we wanted. Another option is Prum, a village close to the winter tourist sites in the Eifel mountains. Prum was empty. Mr. direct message.

Private vehicle ride from home, an hour less. Some roads through the mountains. We bring snow slide tool. Who knew a weekend in early December that snow will fall heavily. As our experience in Gerolstein. Snow was down, but not too thick. Main snow failed.

We spend more time at the lodge. Rooms are more like a 3 star hotel than a youth hostel. Spacious and comfortable. Approximately 30 -35 square meters. Consisting of one double bed and a bunk for the kids. The windows were wide, smooth wood floor. In one corner is the place to eat. The bathroom was also spacious. And there is a lift for a lazy ride down the stairs.

The place is crowded by families with children. In the dining room is always crowded by the small children. The view is rare in this country. At breakfast, the foods are far more varied than other Jugendherberge in this state we've tried: Montabaur and Gerolstein. Salat pasta, bread to sweet cakes. Guaranteed full.

We bought a set of tools to play ping pong. Most of the time we spent playing ping pong in the story boat. Hangout small children. More fun in Gerolstein. There is one pool table and one other game. I do not know what it's called.

In addition to the dining room, there is a restaurant, open until the evening. And several rooms for seminars and conferences or other large events.At the center of Prüm, we want to close the museum rathaus. Free if you stay at Jugendherberge. Unfortunately, closed Saturday. So we just look at the old convent and went back to play ping pong in the inn.


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