Cheap Car LCGC Shifting Interests Of City Car

Cheap Car LCGC Shifting Interests Of City Car
Suzuki Estilo Karimun


Jakarta - Program cheap cars or Low Cost and Green Car will likely soon take its toll. When the regulations came out, most likely the cars city car will become victims.

"In my opinion the city car segment, Karimun, other brands is a competitor, is essentially a city car, so LCGC out it will move all of the LCGC. Segment will be lost, in my opinion lost most if not all of the remaining 10-20 percent move down, "said Sales Sales Director Sales PT Suzuki Indomobil Davy J Tuilan detikOto Suzuki booth at IIMS, last week.

Therefore middle Suzuki set the strategy followed LCGC. If the policy is so out of the LCGC Karimun Suzuki Estilo will be discontinued sale.

"Stop it because baseball may be selling Estilo, which basicly Estilo and LCGC same segment. So baseball can compete," he said.

Currently in stock Estilo Suzuki dealership about 200-300 units. "So now lives spent in the dealership inventory," he said.

But if, LCGC policies which reportedly will be released next month has not been signed by the President, the Suzuki Estilo ready to re-import from India.

"Anyway keluarin rules first, so do not say discontinue Karimun Estilo. Karimun so that we again organize the strategy, if LCGC appear it will be gone. LCGC arise if we replace Karimunnya definitely LCGC suzuki program because of what the segment will move move from city car to LCGC , "he said.

So what champ dong LCGC from Suzuki? "If it was me no comment," he said smiling.

To be sure Suzuki expects, rules LCGC LCGC facilitate manufacturers in order to make the price competitive.

Just like Davy, 4W Marketing and Dealer Network Development PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales Endro Nugroho also asked people to be patient waiting for the government to work completing the LCGC regulation.

"Better we wait for government regulation. We're also not know the government's announcement late next month he was like. Become better prepared we follow the process of government," he said.

"I do not want to speculate. Either way, if the regulation came out, we will be no action. And certainly, our preparation goes on. Pray," lugasnya.

Suzuki himself was intending to follow LCGC program that is currently being prepared by the government. In the program, car manufacturers could follow the terms of the government's possible to remove their cars under the figure of U.S. $ 10,000 or approximately USD 90 million.

This is possible because the government will free up some of the customs and tax regulations related to car manufacturers and this program promised to be out later this year.

Toyota and Daihatsu were already stole the show Agya Toyota Astra and Astra Daihatsu Ayla. Besides Toyota, Daihatsu and Suzuki, other brands who are interested to participate are intending Nissan Datsun brand regenerates and Indian car manufacturer, Tata Motors, which has the world's cheapest car, Tata Nano.


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