Cheap Accommodation? Condition Become a Member Youth Hostelling International

Cheap Accommodation in Germany? Condition Become a Member Youth Hostelling International, 
The rental price is relatively expensive hotels in Germany. Especially in cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. As a cheaper alternative is a youth hostel. In Germany, youth hostel known as Jugendherberge. Most German Jugendherberge require membership for those who want to use their facilities.

Because rarely stay at the inn when the streets around Germany, but would prefer to stay at home to stay in touch while acquaintances, previously we have not been interested in becoming a member. Until one day, a friend of the foundation offers Jugendherberge inform the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. Every winter, 15 November to 15 March, they gave a massive discount. Starting 39 euro, a family can stay two full nights with breakfast. The price is very cheap for the size of Germany.

We will of course come to enjoy these cheap deals. Since last year actually. But when it has not been possible financial condition. So the new desires realized this year.

The term itself refers Jugendherberge simple inexpensive lodging. Usually used by young marsupial tight but want adventure visited many places in the world. In Germany, all Jugendherberge are in a container called Deutschen Jugendherbergenwerks (DJH). At the international level, there is the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF).

Cheap lodging a la Jugendherberge started appearing in the early 20th century. In answer to providing affordable accommodation for young people, youth groups and school children. Dated August 26, 1909 at the Richard Schirrmann School building in Altena Jugendherberge standing first in the world. Initiated by a teacher named Richard Schirrmann. After a hundred years, it has stood about 500 jugenderberge in Germany, 4000's around the world.

To become a member, it's easy. For German territory, through the website Fill out the form and the data bank. Less than a week later, we have received a membership card. For families, the annual fee is 21 euro. Membership card is valid not only in Germany. But in about 4000 jugendherbe in the world. A relative recommended to book accommodation through here. In Florence, Italy, where prices for relatively expensive, he only needs to pay no samüpai 40 euros per room per night (family, 4 people).

Some Jugendherberge in Germany and other parts of the world, according to information does not require membership. There are additional costs 2-3 euros per night for non-members. So for those who need a cheap alternative lodging during the holidays, it's worth checking in


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