Carbon ThinkPad X1 Laptop: Display Sleek, Sturdy & Elegant

Carbon ThinkPad X1 Laptop: Display Sleek, Sturdy & Elegant
Name ultrabook is already overdo attached to a portable computer that is slim, lightweight and powerful. While the ThinkPad, hmm ... seems directly terbesit laptop black and boned bongsor. Naturally, because this product is dedicated to the business with a few features that do not exist on the laptop in general.

But with the presence ThinkPad X1 Carbon impression big and stiff body may slowly disappear ThinkPad series. Because this laptop is different from the usual, lean, strong, elegant, yet powerful like other ThinkPad family.

Although not yet launched, but Lenovo is showing off the product to a number of media in Luna Negra Resto, Thursday (08/30/2012). No need to waste any more time, detikINET immediately tasted.

Looks Ultrabook, ThinkPad Bodi

It should be recognized that the ThinkPad X1 Carbon looks very cool indeed. Successful solid black color that reflects the impression of elegance, coupled with a solid layer of carbon fiber. Settled portable.

When opened, the 14-inch screen is brightly lit diusungnya straight and sharp. Naturally, it seems, because of the tiny dimensions already showing resolution of 1600 X 900 pixels. Perspective also looks wide and not easily fade when viewed from the side.

When used for typing, all keys pressed comfortable keyboard. The size is large, so that it can reduce one push while typing. Even as well as a trackpad area is 37% larger than the previous X1, so affairs navigation more fun.

Some typical ThinkPad appearance also in the product. The red button in the middle of the keyboard, the screen that can be bent up to 180 degrees, and a solid base materials.


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