Car manufacturer Daihatsu and Suzuki Launches New Outlet

Daihatsu and Suzuki Launches New Outlet

Car manufacturer Daihatsu and Suzuki at the beginning of September is continuing to develop sales and service network servicing the car.

Daihatsu on 3 September 2012 inaugurates two new outlets in Cikokol, Tangerang and Jember, East Java.


Just like other Daihatsu outlets that have global standards Daihatsu, the second outlet is also the concept of integrated outlets that serve Sales and After Sales Service, including the sale of accessories and spare parts (Vehicle Service Part - VSP) to facilitate customer Daihatsu Daihatsu find desired products and treatment.


"We are thankful and grateful to continue its network development Daihatsu to re-open the outlet so that it can expand and the Daihatsu service network can continue to get closer to customers to improve service quality after sales service in order to provide satisfaction for Daihatsu customers," said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) AI-DSO ​​Suparno Djasmin in a press conference on Tuesday (09/04/2012).


With the inauguration of the second outlet is the number of outlets Daihatsu currently numbering 190 outlets comprising of 109 outlets VSP and 81 V outlets throughout Indonesia.


While the western region of Indonesia, inaugurated Suzuki dealer 3S (Sales, Service, Spareparts) newest, Trans Sumatra Great (TSA) Sisingamangaraja, Medan.


TSA previously had 2 (two) pieces Dealers in Medan, the TSA Jl. Adam Malik & TSA Jl. Lake Winnipesaukee, and also 2 (two) outlets, which is There So Mobil and Mobil Prima Niagatama.


3S to-3 Outlet is located on Jl. Sisingamangaraja Km 7.3 Medan-Abrasives.


"With the presence of TSA-Sisingamangaraja dealer is very important to get closer to customers and users Suzuki in Medan and surrounding areas," wrote Suzuki.


Expected customers easier to get sales and after-sales service, as well as to expand the market Suzuki in Medan and surrounding areas.


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