Brugge City, City of Destination Tourism in Belgium

Brugge City, City of Destination Tourism in Belgium. A trip to the city of Brugge Belgian capital, Brussels can be reached by train. Distance of approximately one hour.

Brugge city was first discovered in the 9th century. Bruges name most likely derives from the ancient Scandinavian "Brygga" which means port or harbor.
There are currently 45,000 in Brugge populous surrou downtown and 120,000 people living in the area around Brugge.Kota Brugge is always mempesona.Di summer and in winter. The city is also very unique.

Brugge city government is doing a lot of conservation of heritage buildings will be old as the original. Of course not all of the building was actually derived from the middle ages (middle-Ages).

Brugge city has many museums. Passes an average of 7 euro, but no tickets canal to five museums around 15 euro, can be purchased at the information center for tourists. Tickets for the historic sites around 5 euro.

You can do in the city of Brugge, Belgium:

- Trip by boat down the river, to down and see the old city of Brugge.

- Visiting the jewel "Diamond Brugge House". This place is located not far from the city center of Brugge, less than about 80 meters. There is a wide range of gem diamonds are traded by share of shapes and sizes for an affordable price.

- If you want to see the beautiful city of Brugge, there are several means of transport provided by the city government.

Accommodation facilities such as hotels were widely available in the city at an affordable rate. Need information about hotels in Brugge, Belgium?


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